Squish Kibosh’s Hands Across The Galaxy

What with the tracklist for Squish Kibosh‘s Hands Across the Galaxy mix, and the promotional blurb provided by Theez Boyz on who’s show this mix was originally broadcast there isn’t much more for me to say so I won’t. Over to them.

Banished from his home planet for a crime he didn’t commit, Squish Kibosh drifted aimlessly through interstellar space for millennia, desperately trying to uncover the true culprit of his accused felony so as to clear his name and reintegrate with the Flaxarian hive mind from which he’d been expelled. All leads exhausted, Squish reluctantly came to accept that he would never return to Nomicron Delta 5 nor see his beloved gastropod clutch ever again. With 14 heavy hearts Squish resolved to seek out a new home, somewhere he could be accepted, where his past wouldn’t haunt him. After much searching he finally discovered a certain little blue planet he now considers home. Uranus. It was here he remained in exile, all hope of returning to his beloved place of gestation gone forever.

Theez Boyz first became aware of the plight of Squish during a charity fundraiser for victims of the Arcturian timequake that had left so many without adequate age. It was at this fundraiser that we had the honour of meeting Krom Krabash envoy to Nomicron Delta 5 who, over a plate of crabs, happened to mention the curious case of Squish Kibosh. Intrigued, and always interested in interfering with the justice systems of alien planets Theez Boyz decided to get involved. Word was sent to Uranus that Theez Boyz were on the case. Squish appeared in Glasgow soon after.

By way of thanking us for our efforts in trying to clear his name, Squish decided to repay us in the traditional Earth manner. By creating an astounding mix of hip hop, acid and electro that would convey his inner most feelings of gratitude. Having 17 tentacles benefited greatly.


Aphex Twin – Mt Saint Michel+Saint Michaels Mount [Warp Records] 2001
MF Doom feat. Tommy Gunn – The Finest [Fondle ‘Em] 1999
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Funk Radio [PolyGram] 1992
Anthony King – Electrostalactites [Peer International Library Limited] 1974
Neil Landstrumm – The Godfathers 560 [Scandinavia Records, Stuffrecords] 2009
Autechre – Nil [Warp Records] 1994
Automat – Black Star [Point.One Recordings] 2007
Squarepusher – The Modern Bass Guitar [Warp Records] 2006
The Bug feat. Toastie Taylor – Beats, Bombs, Bass, Weapons [Rephlex] 2003
Karl Marx Stadt – Geht Das Zusammen Oder Getrennt [Lux Nigra] 2005
Public Enemy – How To Kill A Radio Consultant [Def Jam Recordings] 1991
Chris Clark – Lord Of The Dance [Warp Records] 2001
Team Doyobi – DF0:BAD [Skam] 2002
Dr. Octagon – No Awareness [Bulk Recordings] 1996
Rustie – Crooked [Stuffrecords] 2007
J Dilla – Reckless Driving (Instrumental) [Stones Throw Records] 2007
Ovuca – Victoria [Rephlex] 2000
4-Cillinda – D&D Diabolical [Rephlex] 2002
KMD – What A Nigga Know? [Metal Face] 2000
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole – Swing – Lite [Cooking Vinyl] 2000
N.W.A – If It Ain’t Ruff [Ruthless Records, Priority Records] 1988
Urban Tribe – Hostile Takeover [Rephlex] 2007
Delayscape – Red Over 1 [Napalm Enema Records] 2008
Mr.Squish – Valdozer [The Kibosh] 2009
Antipop Consortium – Tilt [Antipop Recordings] 2000


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