Ostin – Curts

A Russian producer, Ostin is another new name to us here at Darkfloor.

Coming in via a different channel thou this time as I was introduced to the production work of Ostin by a commission to produce some artwork for his 2nd EP release for Enough Records, the Portuguese netlabel.

Whilst not actually containing any of his work Curts is very much in his style of production; deep and dark. Thou the beats-per-minute are up in the 170 bracket and considerably faster than the work I’ve heard from him so far, being halfstep drum & bass and the cuts he’s chosen it’s very much in his style.

Ostin – Curts

Despot – Concert
Lynx – You Are Being Lied To
Break & Survival – Harsh Language
Vicious Circle & Jubbei – Deliberate
Synth Sense, Anile, Rose – Seeking You
Ultracode & Stereotype – The Fallen After
Triad – Spellbound
Dakosa – So Long
BTK – Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix)
Phobia & Sato – Jitter
Dose – Helpless
Rawtekk, Mofi – Snowfall
Computerartist – Disorder
Bassrk & Kaiza – Your Destiny
Digital Soul – Sunstorm
Morebeat – I’m Not A Monster
Rregula – Gravitron
Rawtekk, Mofi – Repulsion
Para – Koing
Phace – Basic Memory
Misanthrop – Sidereal
Rregula & Dementia – Payback (ft. Triage)
Stakka & Skynet ft. Kemal & Rob Data – Bios-Fear
Nymfo & Menace – Drunk Funk
S.P.Y. & Kasra – Surface
Triad – Crooked
Despot – No Future
Keeno – You Know That Feeling When


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