Kirsti At Wrong Music Again (mix)

Kirsti ups the recording of her set from back in September at the Wrong Music label night.

Stuffed full of mutant bassforms, glitched staggered electro and  darkfloor sound. She’s the girl behind the NULL+VOID site whose podcast series is worth a dabble if you’re into this sort of mutant electrostep. Opening up her set as she did with some Shelley Parker she moves through T-Polar, [b]racket, Spewis vs Bass Invaders, Radioactive Man, Jerome Hill, Crystal Distortion, the wee djs and the mighty Mazzula.

Kirsti Weir – Kirsti At Wrong Music Again

Shelley Parker – Nintendo Love (Scanone remix) [Structure]
T-Polar – War Stories For Boys (Numerical’s Tactical Onslaught remix) [Takeover Recordings]
Hurt Deer – Ilium – Life After Math
[B]racket – Damage Limitation [Brackout]
Pocz & Pacheko – Zarbak (Brackles remix)
Spewis Vs Bass Invaders – Untitled (Bracket UKG remix) [Brackout]
Gruffians – The Fear [Gruff Records]
Radioactive Man – Checkee Checkee [Tudor Beats]
Luke’s Anger (Jerome Hill remix) [Don’t]
Crystal Distortion – Luvvley Bit ov OwldSkoowl That [Expressilion]
Michael Forshaw – Step Into Me [Coin Operated Records]
the wee djs – E [This Machine Is Broken]
Mazzula – Never Liked Vangelis [Bass Gun]


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