Allan Nonamaka – Fervent 002

The Australian producer Allan Nonamaka delivers a new mix of focused, murk ridden, thundering techno for Sydney based label Fervent. I’ve posted mixes by Allan before on here so this will make a good refresh of his programming and taste. Content wise we’re looking at sound from consistently on point producers; CYP, Stanislav Tolkachev, Inigo Kennedy, Surgeon, Go Hiyama, Exium, Female/Regis, Reeko and Mills. This should help you deal with Friday effectively and build you up for the weekend.

Allan says of his mix:

New mix done for Fervent with two Technics turntables a mixer and a heap of unrehearsed vinyl. Some of my all time favs in this one, hope you enjoy

Allan Nonamaka – Fervent 002

Stanislav Tolkachev – Yes, today [Pohjola]
CYP – Scare [Pohjola]
CYP – Fear of Converging pt2 [Inceptive]
Oscar Mulero – Nothing to Prove [Warm Up]
Inigo Kennedy – Yearning [Semantica]
Outline meets Surgeon – Untitled [Blueprint 07]
Go Hiyama – LisB [Pohjola]
Rumenige – feat Loktibrada – ? [Nine Records]
Makaton – Goatbone (Female & Regis remix) [Rodz Konez]
Fanon Flowers – Killing Game [Nine Records]
Grovskopa – Built then Burn [Warm Up]
Outline meets Surgeon – Untitled [Blueprint 07]
Charlton – Sinister [Pohjola]
Jamie Bissmire – The Wicked Switch [CLR]
Chris McCormack – Pirates [Materials]
Jamie Bissmire – The Wicked Switch [CLR]
Exium – Ultraworld [Planet Rhythm]
Exium – 1996 [Warm Up]
Oscar Mulero – Selection Natural (Exium remix) [Warm Up]
Reeko – Mechanical Physics [Planet Rhythm]
Loktibrada – Untitled rmxs (Female remix) [Rsb2]
CYP – Second process [Inceptive]
Surgeon – Not,two [Dynamic Tension]
Jeff Mills – Untitled [Something in the Sky 005]


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