Ekman – electronique.it mix

Back in October we presented a serious electro session sound slice from Ekman on Mantis Radio. If you enjoyed that, you’ll enjoy his killer selection for Italy’s electronique.it.

Whilst electro as a genre name may never completely get over the bastardization of electro house as far as the music community sees it, the underground scene is still very much alive and still very much delivers.

These 14 tracks picked and mixed by Roel Dijcks proves just that.

Alongside two of his own tracks, the Dutch producer drops sounds from the likes of Gosub, DJ Overdose, the mighty I-f, Luke Eargoggle, the Consumer, PNZ, Rutherford, Composite Profuse and Tesla Sonic. As friend of Darkfloor Mad Wax would say, this mix has the kopfnicken in spades.

The Italian electronica site also shares a short interview with Ekman, together with an English version.

Ekman – electronique.it mix

01. Ekman – The Redshift [Panzerkreuz 1010]
02. Gosub – The Sound [KONDI 015]
03. DJ Overdose – Mossad Comando [Strange life Records 028]
04. Ekman – Weakness Is Showing [Panzerkreuz 1010]
05. Gosub – Forcequit Your Love [Transient Force 004]
06. I-f – Secret Desire [Viewlexx 002]
07. Composite Profuse – CRC666 [Creme 12-26]
08. Elec Pt.1 – Conqueror [Bunker 3079]
09. Luke Eargoggle – Freaks Are Spinning [KONDI 007]
10. The Consumer – Dissociaty Identity [KONDI 014]
11. Rutherford – Surface Barrier [KONDI 009]
12. Tesla Sonic – Infinitesimal Whirls [MinimalRome 014]
13. PNZ – Restriction [MinimalRome 005]
14. Gosub – Fuck Satan [Transient Force 004]


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