Questionable – Book Learning 1992-2000

Now this is one tasty selection from a new and at present completely unknown selector known as Questionable. Their mix Book Learning 1992-2000 is a deep and well thought out collection of electronica based on the following premise;

Stuck inside, not wanting to go out in the rain these past few days. Here’s a hour of stuff that fits the mood.

Work from the likes of Plaid, Speedy J, Musicology, RAC, Two Lone Swordsmen and Elecktroids all from the seminal UK label Warp together with work from Metamatics, Morgan Geist, Spacetime Continuum, Norken, Link, Takeshi Muto, and Atom Heart all grace this fine assortment of sound.

Questionable – Book Learning 1992-2000

Plaid – Face Me [Warp]
Speedy J – Ginger [Warp]
Musicology – Preminition [Warp]
Metamatics – Escher Escalator [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Morgan Geist – Highway Hypnosis [Clear]
Norken – More Frequencies [Hydrogen Dukebox]
Spacetime Continuum – Iform [Astralwerks]
Link – Aurora [Evolution]
RAC – Continua… [Warp]
Reload – The Biosphere [Evolution]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Akwalek [Warp]
Takeshi Muto – Cyme [Schematic]
Elecktroids – Midnight Drive [Warp]
Atom Heart – Spadix [Rough Trade]
Olivine – Close, Up, Over [Warp]


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