Imaginary Forces – Transmission 03

Recently I happened across the work of Imaginary Forces, a producer whose ability and direction in his work is as such that he really should have been on my radar already. Still I’m very happy to have found his work now.

Imaginary Forces is a musician who delves into the pure electronic experimental realm loosely constructed on a techno base (at least from what I’ve heard so far of his work). Crossing that sometimes fine line between sound system and sound design he is an artist with his work, more so than a producer trying to get that ‘formula’ or dancefloor anthem or some sort of Beatport charting nonsense.

His 3rd Transmission mix is resplendent with well chosen and mix programmed sound from the likes of Mick Harris, Emptyset, Mika Vainio (recording as Ø, Pan Sonic and himself), Silent Servant, and Sleeparchive. I expect this mix to be on my iPod and amp for sometime to come. Heartily I recommend checking out his work, some of which, helpfully, is available from his Soundcloud profile.

Imaginary Forces (Anthoney J Hart) is a London based electronic music composer. He was born in Hastings, England in 1979. His electronic music trends towards noise music and is often self released digitally as well as on Ohm Resistance and his own label, Sleep Codes.

His early electronic dance music beginnings have now moved into a more freeform abstract compositional structure drawing heavily from the early electronic masters as well as literary references, most notably J G Ballard. Using an innovative approach he reduces electronic music to its component elements, deconstructing it and turning it into something far more challenging.

Imaginary Forces – Transmission 03

Kevin Drumm & Tom Smith – Kangol (Edit)
Mick Harris – Reclaimed Extract
Emptyset – Void
Ø – Ensimmainen Valo
Emptyset – Awake
Tommy Four Seven – Armed 3
Emptyset – Point
Sleeparchive – Ronan Point 2
Pan Sonic – Liuos
Cio D’Or – Pailletten (Sleeparchive remix)
Sleeparchive – Ronan Point 4
Tommy Four Seven – Sevals
Pan Sonic – Pakoisvoima (Fugalforce)
Silent Servant – Untitled
Antti Rannisto – Ääniesineitä 6
Sleeparchive – Null Sekunden
Mika Vainio – Barbarians
Pan Sonic – Telako


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