Chrissy Murderbot’s Year of Mixtapes Week 30: 1993 Rave

Chrissy Murderbot’s a mix a week series continues. For his 30th such mix he’s doing rave.

Week 30: The Year in Rave — 1993
I’ve done a few of these rave / jungle /happy hardcore tapes already, and here is another. I should’ve probably called it “the year in UK rave”, because there aren’t any non-British tracks on here. For those unfamiliar with the whole story arc, 1993 was the year that UK rave really developed into what we would recognise as jungle and happy hardcore. I’m really into stuff from this transitional era, when those two genres existed side-by-side, before they really split from each other. Here’s a tape of my fave tunes.


DJ Krome & Mr. Time – The Slammer [Suburban Base]
Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Cloud 9 Remix) [Suburban Base]
DJ Hype – Shot In The Dark (QBass Remix) [Suburban Base]
Grooverider – Sinister (The Influence Remix) [Reinforced]
A Guy Called Gerald – This Is The Right Time [Juice Box]
QBass – Deepa (NRG Remix) [Suburban Base]
DJ Vibes – Sing It Loud [Asylum]
Jump Up Crew – Come Again [Labello Blanco]
Run Tings – Look No Further [Suburban Base]
Doc Scott – Street Knowledge (The Lost Track) [Reinforced]
Nookie – Shining In Da Darkness [Reinforced]
SMD Volume 1 – Untitled (Side A) [white]
Cloud 9 – Mr. Logic [Movin’ Shadow]
DJ Massive – Feel The Rhythm [Labello Blanco]
DJ Vibes – Obsession (Music’s So Wonderful) [Asylum]
DJ Rap & Aston – Vertigo (QBass Dark Remix) [Suburban Base]
Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Ruff [Slammin’ Vinyl]
DJ Dubplate – Free Your Soul [Labello Blanco]
Smokey Joe – Original Bad Boy Riddim [Labello Blanco]
Q Project – Champion Sound (Alliance Remix) [Legend Records]
Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark Remix) [Ram Recordings]
Macka Brown – Beware Of The Bassline [Labello Blanco]
Citadel of Kaos- Warped [Boombastic Plastic]
Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth – New Direction (Remix) [Basement]
Naughty Naughty Volume 1 – I Need Your Lovin’ [white]
Acen – Window In The Sky (DJ Krome & Mr. Time Badup Mix) [Production House]


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