DJ Food – Selected Aphex Works

It’s safe to assume all of you reading this are up to speed as far as Aphex Twin dumping a large (and growing) amount of his archives onto SoundCloud. Just yesterday another 30 tracks were added, and he’s adding more as I type this sentence. It’s an amount of music, stat fans, now long eclipsing Mr D. James official releases total runtime.

DJ Food, masterful mixer that he is, has compiled some 85 minutes from the AFX vaults for Ninja Tune’s radio stable Solid Steel.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll have heard the news that Aphex Twin unexpectedly uploaded 155 of his old and unreleased tracks to Soundcloud and made them downloadable for free. Starting from his earliest demos through to known live tracks, later jungle experiments and beyond, this is the motherlode that his fans have always wanted.

DJ Food, a long-time Aphex fan, has been through the entire collection with a fine-toothed comb and selected his favourites for the first half of the show this week. The hit rate was high but he’s has managed to cram 31 tracks into 85 minutes to mark this unique occasion and peppered the mix with vintage interview clips of Richard James talking about his music.

DJ Food – Selected Aphex Works

39 Fnkmg
19 Ssnb
8 Utopia
19 [Slo]w early morning clissold sunrise
21 Hapshifter 1
12 Rough Beat Tune
Luke Vibert – Spiral Staircase [Future Music competition] [afx remix]
Thy’re Here Aahha
33 Jonny Hawkes Broken Guitar[not Finished]
4 Red Calx [slo]
4 Red Calx
34.5 P.e.
5 heliosphan live
2 Afx 126b
15 Bradley Jam Pump
GPO Beat
Mortal 08
Fork Rave
T13 Quadraverb
1 P-String
13 Short Mental fax
14 Make a Baby
14 Moodular Acid [pissflaps mix]
18 Mello Punchy
(HAB un23) (unfinished)
26 5 Demo
Th1 [slo]


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