Blackmass Plastics – Compulsory Trepanation

A new mix from Blackmass Plastics is always going to turn a few heads, and this, his latest, is no different. Rolling with heavy and hard neo sci fi drenched rave dusted electro like he does so well, this is his Compulsory Trepanation mix.

Mixes from the Blackmass are a rare occasion and should be salivated over (his all Blackmass dub plate session for Mantis Radio is still one of our most popular shows). He posted this up on our forums yesterday but it’s too damn good not to share with you here. Basically, this is how you do it properly; a brocking bass stuffed session wearing the rave proudly but smartly.

Download / Stream

Cymbol – The Sisyphean Task [MNX Recordings]
MANASYt – Blood and Sand [Clueplant]
Brown – My Day in the Nation (Jon E Alpha remix) [Western Panorama Recordings]
Clatterbox – Auto Fire [Ricochet Records]
D-Omen – Filler [dub]
Terence Fixmer – Electrostatic (maily edit)
Blackmass Plastics – Silicon Based [dub]
Korrupted Brothers – KB beat []
MANASYt – Space Coffin [MNX Recordings]
Dexorcist – unknown (old demo) [dub]
Rave Or Die – Powerzone [New Flesh Records]
Univac – untitled [Bunker]
Blackmass Plastics – Thorn Machine
Lory D – Untitled [White]
Bigshot – Monster [Together As One]
Blackmass Plastics – Ice and Slice [dub]
Deset – Crisis [Ghost House]
DJ Controlled Weirdness – Destroy the Machine [dub]
Signs of Chaos – U Can’t Stop It [Rising High Records]
Skeetaz – Gators (Crystal Distortion remix) [Addictech]
DJ M2J – Kop This [dub]
Warsaw Hoolz – Black Gold Caddy [Vocode Records]
Blackmass Plastics – Death to the Fascist Insect pt2 [dub]
Jon E Alpha – D-Machine [dub]


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