Inigo Kennedy

Inigo Kennedy – TS0004

Another month and another Inigo Kennedy mix appears, which as far as I’m concerned is brilliant news as frankly the previous 3 mixes are just awesome.

This mix continues in that fashion laying down a lot of new Inigo dubs together with Death Abyss, Voidloss, Lucy, Casual Violence, PWOG, X-103 and Fran Harnett.

So if you like your techno deep and dark, which as you’re reading this, it’s a safe assumption then you’re in good company.


Inigo Kennedy – Pakkanen [Mak030]
Inigo Kennedy – Climbing Frames [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled (10_11_03) [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled (10_11_01) [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Untitled (10_11_02) [dub]
Villain – Down In Flames (Ik remix) [Sin010]
Inigo Kennedy – Downfall [dub]
Inigo Kennedy – Stamper [dub]
Death Abyss – A Further Step Away [Mak030]
Xhin – Key [Sam003]
Silent Servant – El Mar [Semantica 21]
Lucy – Bein [Sacd001]
Fran Hartnett – No Undo [Sub-D05b]
Tomohiko Sagae – No Way Out [Mak030]
Steve Bicknell – Why + For Whom A2 [Cos10]
Casual Violence – Dilute To Taste [Afterltd001]
PWOG – Pull [Kk103]
Voidloss – Stripped Of Ego [Sin007]
Phase – Subtext [Token016]
Mike Dehnert – One [Fw008]
Robert Pain – Black Queen (Chapter Ii)
Lucy – Eon [Sacd001]
Robert Pain – Black Queen (Chapter Ix)
Svreca – Utero (Regis remix) [Semantica 18]
Inigo Kennedy – Input Inversion [Zet03]
Inigo Kennedy – Wotcha [Missile027]
X-103 – Tephra [Tresor012]
X-103 – Eruption [Tresor012]
Inigo Kennedy – Five Ways To Move (A2) [Asy005]

Recorded April 3, 2011.


Darkfloor Sound. A Label