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Mike Darkfloor – February 2020

It’s March, March 2nd, which obviously means that it’s time to publish a chart – February’s chart no les. As ever there’s loads of great music floating around the place. Lots of it gets played on Mantis Radio. Here’s ten of my current favourites, covering electro, black metal, jungle bass techno, EBM, razor electronics, and some techno too.

Click the label link for places to get and/or hear the tracks.

Mike Darkfloor – February 2020

Sound Synthesis – Jupiter Bazz [Gated Recordings]
Vastum – Devoid [20 Buck Spin]
Overlook & Karim Maas – Chalk [Standards & Practices]
cyd – Mergence [Solemne Records]
Cardopusher – Programmed To Consume [Mechatronica]
Less – Zum Greifen Fern (The Exaltics remix) [Freude am Tanzen]
Wirewound – Discharger ++0000++ [Kaer’Uiks]
Death Qualia – Bright Black [Ohm Resistance]
BUNKR – Left For Dust (preston.outatime remix) [VLSI Records]
Phase Fatale – Mass Deception [Ostgut Ton]

There’s no specific order to any of these, they’re all great.



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