Laica – March 2013

by on April 11, 2013 in Charts

Serving up ten releases pleasing to the ears of Laica, here’s what he’s liking in March.

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Laica – March 2013
Philippe Petit – Needles In Pain [Alrealon Musique]
The Revenant Sea – The Revenant Sea [Auditory Field Theory]
Imaginary Forces – The Venus Hunters [Sleep Codes]
Basic House – Caim In Bird Form [Digitalis Recordings]
Joane Skyler – ‘Orz’ [Reckno]
Mick Finesse – Forage [22]
Prostitutes – Crushed Interior [Digitalis Recordings]
Troller – Troller [Holodeck Records]
Russell M Harmon – We Are Failed [Rano]
Black Classical – And Putting Shiny Tony Lamas On Lay-away Again [Pathmusik]

Philippe Petit – Needles In Pain.
A 40 minute suite composed from the use and abuse of turntables, coming soon on Alrealon Musique, do not try this at home.

The Revenant Sea – The Revenant Sea.
Ambient noise drone synth music, I say noise but its a quiet noise.

Imaginary Forces – The Venus Hunters.
Extraordinary live improvised electronics, a step away from his recent ambient/drone material.

Basic House – Caim In Bird Form.
Perfectly sculpted sounds experiments coming soon from the man behind Opal Tapes.

Joane Skyler – ‘Orz’.
An album that takes you to so many places that you can’t fail to love it.

Mick Finesse – Forage.
Solid Darkfloor techno workout featuring a remix from Perc, the 1st release on 22 the label headed up by Finesse.

Prostitutes – Crushed Interior.
Destroyed crushed and eroded techno/noise from these ladies of the night.

Troller – Troller.
Gothic coldwave synthesiser album of the highest order from Holodeck Records, very strange but very very good.

Russell M Harmon – We Are Failed.
Plaintive piano based electronica with a full side of remixes, the one by Laica being of the highest standard in audio terms

Black Classical – And Putting Shiny Tony Lamas On Lay-away Again.
The music contained within is exceptional; slow and steady wins the race. How could you not love an EP with this title.