Vadz – Feburary 2010

February 2010 is hot for me; parties, releases, projects, remixes, etc… My day job sucks (as usual) but my musical alter ego says ‘never give up! Everything will be fine’. So, here’s some waiting-for-the-spring melancholy in my monthly chart, specially for (Vadz was showcased on our 52 show)

CHART: 02/2010 (Vadz)

01. Eero Johannes – Lipton Service Boy
His brilliant self-titled album still warms my heart and soul. If I were Madonna I would produce my next album with him.

02. Postapocalyps Pop – Moon Gopher (Stak Etop remix)
This one comes from secret laboratories of St. Petersburg. Remixed by a hot Finnish techno freak Stak Etop, this track will make your turntable dance. The record will be released on / Tenkale labels this spring! Don’t miss!

03. Paul Birken – Dry Heave
Paul rocks as usual – smart ‘alien creature talking’ sounds, funky rhythm. I like the way it builds!

04. Neonicle – Hz
Russian electro geek from St. Petersburg made me cry when I first heard it. It’s simply beautiful on soon!

05. Antihifi – United States of Cocaine
French dubstep running at about 160bpm, very smart and moody. Draws crawling creatures in the dark.

06. Jah Warrior presents Hughie Izachaar – Deliverance Dub
Big track! Fits into any set as a freshener. Just between techno and dub. I’m not too deep into all that dub thing but this one made me curious!

07. Mesak – Back to the Future
Nice track that reanimates any dancefloor. Classic, just love it!

08. 16 bit – Ford Fiesta
It makes me smile every time I turn in on, caravan is immortal!

09. Scratch D – Rise
Electro overlord has risen! Nice and restless electro track!

10. Akio Milan Paak – Gulcia
Wicked mid-90s techno as I love it. Japan touch, a bit experimental. I’m happy to own this record ;)


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