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Mantis Radio 210 – Mindtrick Records

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In session this week Rotterdam’s Mindtrick Records. Up first an hour w/ DVNT who has new material from hype williams, War, Blackmass Plastics, Matt TdK, DMX Krew and more.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 210 – Mindtrick Records

Loss – Session 01 [ant-zen]
Pridon – Human Shields [Pridon]
Dylan Cameron – Nebula [Holodeck Records]
hype williams – FROWSY [hype williams]
a place both wonderful and strange – Prom Night [self-released]
Foul Play – The Stepper (Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Future Bound – Core Breach [Moving Shadow]
Stakka & Skynet – Altitude (Dom & Gridlock remix) [Shogun Audio]
War – Snow Blind [BNKR]
A Souvenir – Take Me Somewhere Nice [A Souvenir]
The Dead Weather – Three Dollar Hat [Third Man Records]
Blackmass Plastics – Newtons Cradle [Ugly Funk]
Femii – Cry [Cicuta Netlabel]
DMX Krew – Mini-Owner [Shipwrec]
Martyn Hare – Stealth Attack (Shelley Parker remix) [Emetic]
Matt TdK – mekan [unreleased]
The i.l.y’s – She’s a genius [thirdworlds]
War – Invisible (Djrum remix) [BNKR]

Atiq – Frequencies Of The Mind III Intro
Funckarma – Holdgaze (Legiac.remix)
Rlyeh1 – Far Away
delete – trolley_of_thought
The Travel – Demby Surround
Theory – Hammer hated regime
EVS – State of Stretch
Known Rebel – EURYDICE
Rlyeh1 – December Mornings
The Thing With Five Eyes – Live At The Nocturnus
Eusebeia – Heightened Senses
Eusebeia – Prospect
Atiq – Sonorous Feat. Tangent
Atiq – The Euclidean Perspective
Atiq – Inside The Vessel
Atiq – Real Life (Awaits Us)
Atiq – Sonorous (Red Army remix)
Atiq & EnK – Like an Angels feather (Sinister Souls remix)

Housewives – Fallen Arches [Blank Editions]

Featured Guest

Compiled and mixed by label head Atiq, this week we present Mindtrick Records. Much of the guest session includes forthcoming material from the label’s 3rd Frequencies of the Mind compilation due in September.

Founded in 2007 and based out of Rotterdam, the label, much like our show and record label, isn’t about just one style of music but rather music they believe to be good enough to share. A common trait shared throughout the many releases is bass – both full on intense, and deep, sub rich. Some of our highlights of the label includes material from Delete, Tangent, Suboctane, L own, Ryleh1 and Atiq himself recording with Enk.

Artists make the music, we make the records, you will have an audiosonic mindtrick that will haunt inside your mind for the rest of your life!

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