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Mantis Radio 352 – Notte Infinita

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Notte Infinita steps up to the session with a mix of spacious summer ambience featuring music from Jon Hassell, Batu, Sun People, Ryoji Ikeda, qpe, together with unreleased material.

Either side of that trip music from Enduser, Fracture, Mareena + JakoJako, Depeche Mode, Reeko, Acroplane Recordings, Alva Noto, Sneaker Social Club, Uniform, Lemna, Lauren Bousfield and Algiers.

Enduser – 7am Fog (with Bonk) [Ad Noiseam]
Fracture – No Screwface [Exit Records]
Mareena & JakoJako – Sinnessprung [Edition Dur]
Mandy, Indiana – Pinking Shears [Fire Talk]
The MFA – Lammas Day [Traum Schallplatten]
Depeche Mode – Wagging Tongue (Henning Baer remix) [Columbia]
Reeko – XXX1 [30D Records]
Kab Driver – Wake Up Time To Die [Acroplane Recordings]
B. Rupp – Into Flu [Accidental Meetings]
Alva Noto – Aufstand [Noton]
J-SHADOW – Arsu [Sneaker Social Club]
Uniform – When the Sun Turns to Numbers (Feat. Alan Vega) [Planet Mu]
Lemna – N20 [KHIDI]
Michal Wolski – Vector [Technosoul]
X14 – iNtsila [Create Define Release]
Ravetop – The Sons of Gods [Ombra International]

Jon Hassell – Caracas Night September 11, 1975 [Lovely Music, Ltd.]
Batu – Through The Glass [A Long Strange Dream]
i’m temporary – a [self released]
Mattia Onori – untitled [unreleased]
Notte Infinita – untitled [unreleased]
°~° – – untitled [unreleased]
All Options – shake that [ejekt]
qpe – Fulcrum [theAgriculture]
Mattia Onori – untitled [unreleased]
qpe – Satellite [theAgriculture]
°~° – – untitled [unreleased]
Koka Media – Firewall [Koka Media]
Stray – Matchsticks [Exit Records]
Unknown Artist – scrumpy4_biggy [unreleased]
Sundan – Gunsmoke [Strange Riddims]
Sun People – To Give [Exit Records]
Konduku – Sekersin [DISK]
Ryoji Ikeda – ultratronics 11 [Codex Edition]
Priori – Bite Soft [self released]
Aleph-1 – 1 C A e 02 [iDEAL Recordings]
Donnacha Costello – No Gain [Ursa]
Jon Hassell – Caracas Night September 11, 1975 [Lovely Music, Ltd.]

Lauren Bousfield – Mansions No One Wants To Buy For Any Price [Orange Milk Records]
Algiers feat. Zack De La Rocha – Irreversible Damage [Matador]

Featured Guest

In the mix Italian producer Notte Infinita.

I first heard Giovanni Bonelli’s music back in March. And honestly, was blown away by the style and production of his sound. Especially on his EP Atmosfera that Oscilla Sound put out last year.

Since that dropped Notte’s been busy playing in Europe, including live at Tresor.. And just a few weeks back, made his DJ debut at the mighty Berghain. He’s just released a single July 3rd – that’s on the floating ambient side of things – with south London label Twin System as part of a cassette comp called Tendrils.

Notte’s approach to sound is to find personal ways to work with the physicality of bass through sound systems, whilst pursuing narrative texture.

He says he’s inspired by space, dreams, and meditative euphoric states.

His mix for our 351st episode features several unreleased bits from himself and friends. And is a mix of ambient, he says, in the broadest sense.

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