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Mantis Radio 329 – Warcrimes

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Introducing US industrial duo Warcrimes.

Their showcase mix is nestled alongside a selection of electro, IDM, and high tempo breakbeat that includes tracks by Acre Recordings and C Mantle, an Aphex alias, Qnete, Arno Vancolen and Bryan Chapman, Madonna, SWARMM, w/ some darkside heaviness from PRSPCT Recordings, Agressor Bunx, DJ Hidden, and Current Value.

C Mantle – -_–..io___. /__r../ [Acre Recordings]
Polygon Window – Polygon Window [Warp Records]
Qnete – Storytelling [X-Kalay]
Goldefish – Moonlight [Gated Recordings]
Arno Vancolen – Venus Loop Revisite? (Bryan Chapman remix) [EPM Music]
Madonna – Frozen (Meltdown Mix) [Maverick]
Evolved – Brainless [T3K Recordings]
Dolphin – Phonaesthetica [PRSPCT Recordings]
CYaZALEA?Kiss?DADANDAAAN (Wakaran Girl Flex) [Kakeru Records]
Agressor Bunx – Bunker [Eatbrain]
thing – Blend It [Dubthing Records]
DJ Hidden – This World [OtherCide Records]
Current Value – It’s All Good [YUKU]

– an artist showcase, picked and mixed by Mike Darkfloor.

Warcrimes – There Will Be Warcrimes (feat. Master Shake)
W.A.S.T.E. – Electric Beatdown Bitch (Warcrimes’ Sulfur In Dub)
Warcrimes – Rage (feat. Russell914)
Warcrimes – KANEDA
Ratio Strain – Romance Me (Warcrimes’ Concerta 54mix)
Khost – Red Lilith (Warcrimes’ Version)
Warcrimes – Death Mask
Warcrimes – Hyperbaric Chamber (feat. Andrew Nolan)
Warcrimes – Kel-Tek 223
Warcrimes – Beast
Warcrimes – I Am The Ocean
Warcrimes – Roof-Top Assault
Warcrimes – Doom Head
Warcrimes – Borrowed Time (feat. (hed) p.e.)
Khost – Yellow Light (Warcrimes’ Void Mix)

Ross From Friends – Epiphany [Brainfeeder]

Featured Guest

Our session is a showcase compiled and mixed by me, Mike Darkfloor, with the blessing of today’s guest Warcrimes.

I came across the New York based industrial duo last year, through one of my favourite bands – khost. Warcrimes had been doing versions of tracks by the British doom band, two of which you’ll hear in this mix. One of their versions, Yellow Light featuring Cabaret Voltaire founding member Stephen Mallinder, I released as part of Darkfloor Sound’s Winter Solstice 2020 compilation in December (all monies raised from sales of this comp are donated to the National Autistic Society). There’s an alternate version to that track in today’s mix.

Warcrimes are combat veterans who joined forces last year. They fuse a variety of styles and influences into their industrial music. Recently, they released their debut album – Kel Tek 223, several tracks from which are featured in today’s showcase mix.

Shouts to Seth & Script.

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