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Mantis Radio 342 – Razbibriga

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Serbia’s Razbibriga brings to the show a fierce and heavy techno throw down for today’s guest mix.

We’ve music from Special Request, Rat Heart, Livity Sound, Commodo, Confidence Man, Bakongo and Spectre, Josh Wink, dynArec, Carl Finlow, Crouds, Lag, Slikback, Ontal, and Planet Mu.

Grief – The Portal [Tech Itch Recordings]
Special Request – Black Ops [Houndstooth]
Rat Heart – . [Shotta Tapes]
Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton – Blue Dub [Livity Sound]
Commodo – Forester [Black Acre]
Robert Ames & Ben Corrigan – cu@the party Richter – April 22
Confidence Man – Angry Girl [Heavenly]
Bakongo x Spectr – Close Call [Hotflush Recordings]
Josh Wink – Detroit Stab [REKIDS]
Linn Elisabet, Rå – Rave (Autonomous Zone) (feat. MIT-Y) [Acts of Rebellion]
dynArec – Stop and Stall [Cultivated Electronics] – May 2
Carl Finlow – Guttural [20/20 Vision]
crouds – Shifting Space – May 3
Lag – Znoj [Don’t Recordings]

NX1 & Rommek – Foreign Bodies 2 [Nexe Records]
VSK – Fear Index [47]
Grindvik – Seattle [Leyla Records]
Henrik B – Manwolf (Chris Liebing remix 2) [Illgorhythm Recordings]
Znzl – Wetiko [Persephonic Sirens]
Keepsakes – What The Few Think Of You [Overdraw]
Cleric x Azrael – Revival [Clergy]
Ike Dusk – Gearbox Damage [Promena]
Öspiel – Broken Promises [SCX]
Scalameriya – Elder Venus [Perc Trax]
Perc – E Mono [Perc Trax]
Sons Of Silvija – Rumble [Unreleased]
Sons Of Silvija – Drakankckadankc [Genesa Records]
Razbibriga – Ghost&Strings [Promena]
Öspiel – Hidden Behind Her Eyes [SCX]
Znzl – Manifestation Of Desire [Promena]
Reeko –  Amazing Episode [Mental Disorder]
Thomas Schumacher – Play Fast And Loose [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]

Slikback x Brodinski – CLUTCH [Slikback]
Ontal – Vigilante [Horo]
µ-Ziq – Goodbye [Planet Mu]

Featured Guest

Razbibriga is based in Kragujevac, Serbia and like his Serbian counterparts Ontal, Scalameriya, and Lag, Razbibriga writes broken techno slabs steeped in industrial heft and granite. He’s released on Genesa Records, Mord, Sticky Ground, Overdraw, and via his own label – Promena. His slamming hard mix features music from the likes of NX1, Rommek, VSK, Henrik B, Perc, Scalameriya, Reeko, Ike Dusk, Keepsakes, Sons of Sil-vi-ja, and Cleric. Brace yourself for this one.

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