Ontal’s Warehouse Session

Serbia’s dark duo Ontal provide a reliably intense onslaught of tough, sharp and ultimately hard edged techno for Rob Booth’s Warehouse Sessions.

It’s well documented that Darkfloor are huge fans of Boris and Darko’s studio work. From giving them their début EP release (Output) and being one of our most popular Mantis Radio sessions, it’s been fantastic and, truthfully an honour to watch their audience and music grow as it has over the last year.

From their work together on Overdraw and RDL47 Records, to their expansion to working with Dronelock on the jointly run Shadow Story imprint (and it’s sub label Sphere Gear), and again with Dronelock on Rick Miller’s DUALITY – to their own Ontal Series label. Where they have put back to the black wax the sound of one of their influences – 2nd Gen. And this isn’t even mentioning their respective solo work and remixes as (Boris) Noiz and (Darko) Dekode, for amongst others – London darksiders Combat Recordings, Serbia’s Soul Print, netlabel Section27, Croatia’s Pripyat, electro’s Alavux, and Scotland’s Acre Recordings.

Boris –

Besides featuring on Electronic Explorations earlier this year with Ingen, Rob Booth gave an opportunity to Darko and me to feature on the highly respected Warehouse Sessions. What better way to finish this year than recording a proper techno mix for a show that we’ve been following since its formative years. Nothing but endless respect to the man like Rob Booth

And proper techno mix is exactly what they’ve recorded with a supremely deft selection, programmed like the masters they are. Bias as I may be, this is one of the best mixes of the year.


Perc – Volley [Perc Trax]
Headless Horseman – Cannonball [Headless Horseman]
Dronelock & Ontal – Drop Forge Steel [Shadow Story]
Violet Poison – Midnight Conversation With The Beyond [Haunted Air]
Proem – These Are Just “Times” And They Will Change [Proem Self-released]
Lil Louis – God Is Watching U [Mathematics]
Orphx – Tangled Paths [Sonic Groove]
AnD – Photon Visibility Function [Electric Deluxe]
Scanner – Immaculate, Air [BineMusic]
Sawf – Goves [Perc Trax]
Tomohiko Sagae – Danger Signal [Rodz-Konez]
Dave Clarke – Storm (L.A.W. remix) [CLR]
Minimum Syndicat – Forces [Minimum Syndicat]
Matt TDK – Rolling Delays [unreleased]
Shapednoise – Illumination [Russian Torrent Versions]
Ontal & 2nd Gen – Shock [Ontal Series]
Ancient Methods – Fourth Method A1 [Ancient Methods]
Milanese – Return To Iacon City [Combat Recordings]
Mark Morris & Unam Zetineb – Mano07 (Esplendor Geometrico remix) [Mano Recordings]
Kareem – Jet Set [Overdraw]
Oscar Mulero – Breakdown (Kazuya Kawakami remix) [HueHelix]
Paula Temple – Deathvox [R&S Records]
Sleeparchive – Fifth Station [Repitch Recordings]
Somatic Responses – Raucous Freak [Photon Emissions]
The Exaltics – Downwards (Unit Moebius Anonymous remix) [Shipwrec]
Cervello Elettronico – Bad Ground [Hands Productions]
Ontal – Combat Engineering [Overdraw]
Consumer Electronics – Co-Opted [Dirter Promotions]
Somaticae – Rexd [In Paradisum]
DnA (Dax J & Amelie Ravalec) – Unknown [Fondation Sonore]
Unknown Artist – B1. HFP006 [Head Front Panel]
Ontal – Penetration [Ontal Series]
ADC – Cyberhunter (Ontal Edit) [Uncivilized World]
Ontal And Dronelock – 4 Razors [Duality]
Scorn – Gravel Bed (Zan Lyons remix) [Combat Recordings]


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