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Mantis Radio 34 – dub_teq

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dub_teq (William Culshaw, Jonathan Hall) provide a fast paced session mix for episode 34. Slamming through loads of heavy techno cuts from the likes of DJ Boss, Go Hiyama, The Advent, Clark, Gunjack, Ben Sims, Exium, Surgeon, Vex’d, Christian Wunsch, and Cristian Vogel.

K.A.L. – The Whisky Fist (Skywave Systems remix) [Myuzyk]
macabro – Shine Like We Used To [Bypass]
DraCo – Soulcatcher’s Relic [diggarama]
Tatsu – Bump Foot [Bumpfoot]
John Tejada – From Empty Words [Palette Recordings]
K.A.L. – 1985 (Posthuman remix) [Myuzyk]
Infusion / Freeland – Starwater / Nowism (Bassbin Twins edit) [Marine Parade]
Kid Carpet – Can’t Stop the Pop (Si Begg Dub remix) [Sunday Best]
Michael Forshaw – Cheerleaders (Si Begg remix) [Crime]
Veztax – Monster [Zimmer Records]
rANdoMoiDz – Raggage Baggage [Digital Distortions]
DJ Donna Summer – Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre remix) [Cock Rock Disco]
Espion – Petrol Bomb the Fuckers (Point B Remix) [Bass4Bots]
Full Spektrum – Solve The Problem [Urban Scrumping]
+ Siege – Manuoevre [Shadow District]
Po – Janette [Ante Rasa]
Technogladiators – Isch Rock [Nerven Germany]
Galaxian – Scuffle [Black Montana]
Dead Pres – Hip Hop (DFRNT Dubmix) [dubplate]

The Twinkle Brothers – Never Get Burn
Loktibrada, Rumenige – Rumbrada
Gyu – Klick
Go Hiyama – Myself Myself (Loop)
I-F – I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less
Bar 9 – Shaolin
Christian Wunsch – Respuestas Programadas (Loop)
DJ Boss – Cekuj Zmrde – Radial Mix
Dub_teq – Small Too Big
The Advent, Industrialyzer – One Last Count
Maztika – Urban Wasteland
Clark – Violenl
Vincent de Wit, Bas Mooy – Zondagsschool (Deep edit)
Vex’d – Angels
Kuniaki Takenaga – Tales Weaver
Vincent de Wit, Bas Mooy – Zondagsschool (Radial remix)
The Advent, Industrialyzer – Voodoo
Jeroen Liebregts – Keychain
Andre Walter – B
Christian Wunsch – White Coats (Dub_teq edit)
Gunjack – Spanishtrap
Go Hiyama – Nonlinear Event
Cristian Vogel – (Don’t) Take More (Jamie Lidell remix)
Excision + Noiz – Do It Now (Loop)
Dr. Schmidt – Steel Mill (Loop)
Ben Sims – Just Don t Understand
Carlos Rios + Vincent De Wit – Against The Atoms
Dub_teq – Corners (Worthless Mix)
Dub_teq – DRR
Go Hiyama – Machine For Rest
Tony Silver – Pure Magic
Dub_teq – Potent (Dub_teq edit)
Ebola – Milk Bath
Exium – Subtoned (Dub_teq Partial edit)
Noiz – Pressure Chamber
Kritical Audio Detroit – Krup
AFX – Elephant Song
Surgeon – Bad Hands (Monolake remix)
Charlton – Irronisch (Deadman DJ remix) (Loops)
Mad-Tek – Micro-riddim
Vex’d – Smart Bomb
Gaetano Parisio – Trackman
Mike Humphreys – The Hours Remix
Clark – Gonk Roughage
Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
Modeselektor  – The Black Block
Tomash Gee – Bug
Hiroaki Iizuka – Subculture
British Murder Boys – Rule By Law
DJ Boss – Depka Rulez
Bas Mooy – Bloedneus (Loop)
Mad-Tek – Wound Up
LFO – Flu Shot
Go Hiyama – Geodesic Dome
Clark – Kin Griff
Clark – Urgent Jell Hack
Ebola – Wet T-Shirt DSP
Exile – Big Bad Purple Bad Boy

Featured Guest

William Culshaw and Jonathan Hall began their career making and trading mixtapes and various other media between them, and gradually were inspired to move on to their own compositions using basic computer programs recording previously under various pseudonyms before finishing on dub-teq. Taking advantage of a wide array of equipment, the duo have slowly sculpted their style into a more organic and industrial one, drawing influences from a diverse source of acts such as Aphex Twin, LFO, Autechre, Surgeon, Radiohead, Big Youth, and Bjork.

Coming fresh off the back of a string of London performances, dub_teq bought their unique blend of styles to our airwaves with an exclusive live/DJ show. Playing unreleased and previously unheard material from albums ‘Take Action‘ and ‘We’re Not Out to Make Friends‘ dub_teq offered an insight into the relentless pace and energy of their shows. Drawing influence from across the globe, their distinctive blend of hard hitting techno and dub breaks is one not to be missed.

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