An update on Darkfloor, our label and our show Mantis Radio.

OK, so it’s been a while since we’ve given an update on Darkfloor, the label, and our show Mantis Radio.

Mantis Radio returns to your ears next week, Monday February 25th. Publishing every Monday, direct to this site, the podcast (subscribe on iTunes) and on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Guest mixes are back, and stepping up for our first of 2019 we’ve Tokyo’s Prettybwoy with his take on grime.

On Monday March 4th we’ve a session from Eusebeia to share.

We had hoped to be back on air already but various hurdles have cropped up since December. Just before 2018 came to an end futuremusic FM ceased broadcasting, going on hiatus. Several reasons led to that decision, chiefly, the small team running the station no longer have the capacity running it demands. On a positive spin, Darkfloor is brewing up some plans to work with some of the shows from the station, more on that shortly.

If you write music, we’d love to hear it. What we like, we play. Get in touch. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

The label
We know we’ve been a bit quiet on releases the past two years. Our current release is The Fountain Of Perpetual Decrepitude, a doom-tronic double release of original material and remixes by Edinburgh’s Savier, released late March last year. Now, we’ve never had the fastest of release schedules, and whilst we aren’t going to start dropping a new release every month, we are already putting things in place for several releases this year. We’ll still take the time each work needs, ensuring we continue to release the high grade sound you’ve come to expect.

The next three releases due out on the label will, we’re very happy to tell you, be by MSQ (formerly Matt TdK) and new to our roster – Ezuri, and terrorboy.

Have a great weekend.

New Mantis Radio drops Feb 25th.
At least three Darkfloor Sound releases are dropping this year.

Cover photo by Alexander Popov.


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