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Mantis Radio 353 – Rookley

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Rookley steps up to the session w/ an all production mix of his bass, beats, breaks, and dubby rollers. In today’s first hour, music from Underworld, Alex Banks, Beta Librae, Baby Ford, Hedchef, Barker & Baumecker, Mord Records, Robert Hood, David Meiser, and Head High.

German Army – Reactionary Attitudes From the Outset [Natural Sciences]
Liaisons-D – He Chilled Out [USA Import Records]
Steve Reich – The Desert Music (FreQ Nasty & B.L.I.M. remix) [Nonesuch]
Underworld – and the colour red [Smith Hyde Productions]
Ikonika – Bodied (Roller Mix) [Don’t Be Afraid]
Beta Librae – Megafauna [Incienso]
Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective – Word For Word [Klang Elektronik]
Henry Greenleaf – Stopper Knot [Modern Hypnosis]
Barker & Baumecker – Strung (Yraki remix) [Freundinnen]
Julian Liberator & Guy McAffer – Feeling (Fascination) [4 x 4 Recordings]
Hedchef – Deafening Silence [Vitus’ Curse]
Oxygeno – Magnetism [Mord]
Robert Hood – The Cure [REKIDS]
David Meiser – Enhanced Perceptions [Subsist Records]
Head High – Chamber No. 6 [Power House]


Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy song [Warp Records]

Featured Guest

Our guest today is Rookley. A name that came onto my radar last year through his album Playground. It was one of my favourite releases of 2022, and is an album that bass heavy breaks, stirring sound design, clanky 2 step, and cold industrial. Which, ticks a lot of boxes for me I’ll be honest.

As an artist he’s one that wants to keep the anonymity intact. Letting his music do that talking. Based in Berlin, he grew up in Italy before moving to New York in his early 20s.

Rookley - Playground LP

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