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Today’s broadcast features an intense guest mix by SWARMM. Hear new music from Luke Lund, The Body, Cristian Vogel, Nomine & Digital, Boylan and Slimzee, and Vema-Diode, with early Tipper, Detroit’s Suburban Knight, Death Grips, Calibre, Mosca, and Monic.

Teniak – Carbon [self released]
Luke Lund – Wolf 1061c [Terranean Recordings]
Death Grips – More Than the Fairy feat. Les Claypool [Third Worlds]
The Body – They Are Coming [Thrill Jockey]
Cristian Vogel – The All Clear [Endless Process]
Mønic – In a Certain Light [Downwards]
Tipper – Sort Code [Higher Ground]
Suburban Knight – Nocturbulous Behaviour [Peacefrog Records]
Mosca – The Optics [Rent]
Vema-Diodes – B-boy TRANBER [self released]
Nomine & Digital – Run From It (Boylan & Slimzee remix) [Nomine Sound]
Calibre – Softly Softly [The Nothing Special]

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Mutek Balone? [Haunter Records]
SWARMM – XXXX [unreleased]
Seven Orbits – Mantis [SVBKVLT]
Villaelvin – Ettiquette Stomp [Hakuna Kulala]
Against All Logic – If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard [Other People]
Know V.A. – Roaches [self released]
Wulffluw XCIV – ii [Hakuna Kulala]
Giacomo Fargion – Unreasonable (S43 remix) [Laminar Flow]
Nazar – Bunker feat. Shannen SP [Hyperdub]
Gareth Wild – Night Breed (SWARMM remix) [unreleased]
Yogev Freilichman – Always Stop At The Shell (Stolen Velour remix) [Failed Units]
Tailor Jae & Traces – Thief [LE Distribution]
East Man / Walton – Gunshot [Hi Tek Sounds]
Cocktail Party Effect – For The Memory Exchange [Tectonic]
Walton – Murdah [Kaizen]
SWARMM – Liminality pt.2 [unreleased]

Hawkwind – Master Of The Universe [United Artists Records]

Featured Guest

SWARMM, London’s Liam Noonan provides this week’s session bringing to the show an intense sonic blast with tracks from Haunter Records, Shanghai’s SVBKVLT, Russia’s Wulffluw XCIV, Tectonic and Hi Tek Sounds, together with unreleased material from himself.

Last week, February 21st, Laminar Flow released his EP Vault.

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