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Mantis Radio 326 – cyd

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Polish producer cyd, label boss of Solemne Records, provides our guest mix today, alongside a swell of new music from the likes of Maelstrom, Vatican Shadow, Nwyrve, Ryuji Takeuchi, James Ruskin, Temudo, and Terrace.

drumcorps – Human Nature [Morning Under Leaves]
Sigha – Contract [Our Circular Sound]
Maelstrom – Latent Learning [RAAR]
Lockjaw – The Space Between Us (Crematorium remix) [Locked Concept]
Vatican Shadow – Twilight Nail In Its Coffin [Hospital Productions]
Nwyvre – Social Mobility [Fort Evil Fruit]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Dance To Fiction [Local Sound Network]
James Ruskin – Hang Up [Blueprint]
Temudo – Ashamed [Klockworks]
Stenny – Eternal Restriction [Ilian Tape]
Terrace – Magic Potion [Delsin]
Ploy – Molotov [L.I.E.S.]
Slikback – LEI [Slikback]
Godflesh – Crush My Soul (Ultramix edit) [Earache]
Cabaret Voltaire – Vasto [Mute]

Green Kaidou – Relay v.68 [SectionZ]
Ritchie Haydn – Who knows (cyd remix) [Solemne Records]
cyd – Defiler [Solemne Records]
RhythmDial – Cloner2 [Solemne Records]
An-I – Convo [Power Vacuum]
cyd – erterg be gnxr [Solemne Records]
Grand Unified – Le Hot [Second Skin]
Misao Senbongi / Shusaku Uchiyama – Serenity [Suleputer]
cyd – Despair And Hope [Secuencias Temporales]
Joey M – River (Al Ex remix) [Solemne Records]
cyd & Clefomat & GECKO – Blessing [Solemne Records]
SHXCXCHCXSH – Monolithic Conclusion [Avian]
Monojunk – With you [Forbidden Planet]
1991 – No More Dreams IV [No More Dreams]

Nekrogoblikon – Chop Suey! [Nekrogoblikon]

Featured Guest

Born and raised in Poland, cyd is a diverse sounding music producer, live performer, and label owner, with several albums and numerous EPs to date, for the likes of Subsist, E-Missions, ARTS, and his own Solemne Records. Loosely he writes techno, but he’s not afraid to push the limits of what that framework genre term means with his music. Something we are very fond of as a concept, and listener. He just released a new 12″ on Solemne called Distorted Pretensions, and last month his new album Sanity Changelog dropped on Subsist.

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