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Mantis Radio 307 – Temudo

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Stepping up for a sixty minute techno flex we’ve an exclusive 3 deck mix from Portugal’s Temudo.

That’s sandwiched between some high BPM breakcore from end.user, and Aaron Spectre, cinematic industrial from Metalogue, IDM shards from Room of Wires and Weldroid, classic techstep era drum & bass from No U-Turn, industrial metal from Khost’s new album, and badbwoy jungle bass from Love Love Records, and Amen-Tal.

Death Qualia – Blue of Cards [Entity]
Dadub – I Will Gladly Die (For The Same Reason) [Ohm Resistance]
Aaron Spectre – Say Yeh [Mindtrick Records]
Weldroid & Room of Wires – Stupor [Section27]
Metalogue – Terrain of the Curse (Eye Spirit & Metalogue) [Combat Recordings]

Sweetland – Counting The Numbers (Rene Wise remix) [Vision Ekstase]
Hioll – Picking Up Leftovers (Michal Jablonski remix) [Abstraction]
Divide – Declinazione [Warm Up Recordings]
Alexander Johansson – Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex [Float Records]
TWR72 – Teenager [TWR72]
TWR72 – Inflatable [TWR72]
Troy – Closure [Klockworks]
Hioll – Make Them Listen (Temudo remix) [Artaphine]
Roll Dann – Mago [Soma]
Pfirter & Par Grindvik – Speed [Leyla Records]
VIL – Cobra
Irazu – Liquid [Soul Notes]
Gotshell – Sindrome De Volar [Planet Rhythm]
Pushmann – Unreleased VIL remix
Troy – Surge [Klockworks]
Eric Fetcher – Rupture [Warm Up Recordings]
Diego Amura – Pattern 4 [K S R]
Introversion – Onyro [ARTS]
Alan Fitzpatrick – Step Away (Plantary Assault Systems remix 1) [Rekids]
Peder Mannerfelt – Black Alert [Voam]
Oliver Rooseman – Frequensequence (Alexander Kowalski & Mario Berger remix) [Konsequent]
Irazu – Solid [Stale]
D. Dan – Switchblade (Descendant) [Lobster Theremin]
Temudo & -2 – Narcotico
Surgeon – Hostages of the Deep [Ilian Tape]
James Bong – Rate [Float Records]
Temudo – Recognise, Admit, Learn, Forget [Illegal Alien LTD]

Matzo – Sickhead [Amen-Tal]
Ed Rush and Nico – Guncheck [No U-Turn]
Trace, Nico – Squadron [No U-Turn]
Khost – Yellow Light [Cold Spring Records]
Absu – Earth Ripper [Candlelight Records]
end.user – Reset [Ad Noiseam]
The Outside Agency & Cooh – Soul Keepers [Genosha One Seven Five]
Rognvald – Depot Drum (feat. Morris Wotherspoon) [Love Love Records]


In session this week we present Temudo.

A producer and DJ making strong moves in techno the past 12 months with releases for the likes of Modularz, Mord, Clergy, Synewave, Planet Rhythm and most recently Soma, who released his EP Unnecessary earlier this year. It was tracks from that, and last year’s EP Context, also on Soma, that made us sit up and listen. Temudo got deep into it for his session, with a great 3 deck tech workout.

On the horizon is a 2nd collaborative EP from Norbak, entitled Battered From The Fall. That drops this week. A track for Space Travels Records forthcoming compilation, together with a remix for Hioll, due out on Abstraction. And a track for Ian Axide and Christian Varela’s label Black Code Experiments.

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