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Mantis Radio 23 – CONFOUNDED

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London duo CONFOUNDED takeover the show w/ their heavy techno and bass cuts. Featuring slamming cuts from Radial, Exium, Tim Wright, dub_teq, Vex’d, Bam Bam, Underworld, Julian Liberator, Space DJz, and many, many more.

Paavoharju – Pimeänkarkelo [Fonal]
The Inventors of Aircraft – Hazel [Serein]

Tipper – Dissolve (Out) (Phoenecia remix) [TipperMusic]
Julian Liberator – Feeling (Fascination) [4X4]
Robert Natus – Caterpillar [Fine Audio]
The Selph – Segregation Wall []
Monolake – Index II (remastered) [dub]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Dynachord [Myuzyk]
Exium – Black Hole [Nheoma]
Go Hiyama – Machine For Rest (Diabla Diezco remix) [Audio Assault]
Ben Shock – Self Destruction [r3tox]
Dessben – El Constructor [OffAudio]
Ion Driver – Elemental [Digital Distortions]
Mauro Picotto – New Time New Place [Primate]
Luke’s Anger – Dirty on the Floor [Don’t]
Shinra – 1986 [WIDE]
Afghan Headspin – Bangspanner (Vent remix) [Valium]
Sinosine – One Country [Mob]
Underworld – Cowgirl (Bedrock mix) [Junior Boys Own]
Kuniaki Takenaga – Azel Farnel [Antiritmo]
dub_teq – Corners [dub]
Boo Reka – Psychodelichesky [Boshke Beats]
Tim Wright – Definitely Wrong [tresor]
Sven Wittekind – Invidia (The Advent mix) [T:Classix]
Technogladiators – Ische Rocke [Nerven]
Andy B – Sonar [Armatura Records]
DJ Mika – Silver Bullet [Armatura Records]
Andreas Kremer and Thomas Pogadl – Vepollara [Blackout Audio]
Kay D. Smith – Option 1 [Cluster]
Wortex – Schkripa [Braindamage]
Anton Pieete – All Hands on Deck [ARMS]
Threnody – Eclipse [dub]
Vex’d – Canyon [Subtext]
Technogladiators – Aggresiv [Nerven]
DJ Bam Bam – Damaged Goods [Columns of Knowledge]
Adam Beyer – Drumcode 9 [Drumcode]
Tiago S – Why Is This Here (Dessben remix) [Antiritmo]
Kuniaki Takenaga – Phantasmagoria HOWL [Antiritmo]
Radial – Moeilijk [Audio Assault]
Space DJz – Dropped the Needle [Bullshit]
The Postman – Nuclear Rectal Drill [Overdrive]
Chris McCormack – Erase Techno [Blacklisted]

The Inventors of Aircraft – It’s Calmer Outside [Serein]
Johnny Cash – Walk The Line [Sun]

Featured Guests

CONFOUNDED are DVNT and mrseavers. You should know all DVNT already as listeners of this show. mrseavers was one of our first showcased artists back in 2007 on the 3rd show. He also came back and helped host the 4th show w/ EVAC up on the showcase.

mrseavers cut his DJing teeth playing for Flatline at The Bomb in Nottingham. Slots at a variety of small clubs and bars in the area followed, both solo and as part of breaks duo Max Hedroom, graduating to sets at seminal breaks night Spectrum, London-based Ffaction, and the near-legendary “Max Hedroom presents” nights in the last few days of The Bomb’s existence – mixing up dubstep, tough electro and bowel-loosening hard techno to devastating effect with fellow cohorts Gareth Williams and Max Cooper.

Currently still enjoying a residency at Nottingham’s infamous long-standing hard techno night Pure Filth, playing alongside such names as Dave the Drummer, Rowland the Bastard, Chris Liberator, Lief Ryan, Esther Ofei, Darc Marc, James Ruskin, Michael Forshaw, Julian Liberator and Mark Hawkins.

CONFOUNDED first performed in May in London and was a multi deck techno takeover. Dipping our fingers into the Mantis spec, Darkfloor electronica range too.

An apology for the sound quality of some of the tunes. The setup we did for this show was using Traktor Scratch (as well as traditional vinyl), but it seemed not to respond very well to our decks.

Thanks for listening. Please get in contact with your comments, suggestions and feelings to the show and tracks.

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