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Mantis Radio 319 – Ingen

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We welcome back Ingen who showcases his new, melodic tough techno sound.

Before his 60 minute session, we’ve drum & bass from Samurai Music, outthere jungle from Bruk Records, prog rockers Zombi, intense metal from Car Bomb, dub n breaks from Subduxtion, oddball fuzz techno from Exillon and Bill Converse, dark electro from Anodyne, Clipping’s Jonathan Snipes, UK powerviolence from Employed to Serve, and post-rock from Swiss band Darius.

Quartz – Into The Mist [Samurai Music]
FFT – Month [Bruk Records]
JOHN 3:16 – Part II [Alrealon Musique]
Zombi – No Damage [Relapse Records]
Car Bomb – Vague Skies [Car Bomb]
subduxtion – Justified (Plastic Electronics remix) [Subduxtion]
Exillon & Bill Converse – Bodily Tension [Secret Studio Records]
Ore – Rise (Jon Convex remix) [Civil Music]
Anodyne – Light That Never Fades [Acroplane Recordings]
Jonathan Snipes – Devil Baby [Jonathan Snipes]
Employed To Serve – I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away) [Holy Roar]
Darius – Poppy [Hummus Records]

Ingen – Hardware Set (60 mins) [Ingen]

Featured Guest

This week’s guest is no stranger to either Mantis Radio or our label Darkfloor Sound. A long time friend of the show Ingen, Edinburgh’s Kevin Blackwood, has guested on the show twice already, on shows 120 and 222. In effect this will be Blackwood’s 4th appearance on the show as he also featured on show 134 as one half of Savagen, alongside Savier. Savagen’s heavyweight EP Practically Educated is one of our label’s high grade techno offerings. He has also contributed to our irregular mix series Darkfloor In Session providing its 50th mix – a live hardware set with visuals by Lau.

Over the summer with everyone in lockdown he worked on a new, more melodic sound. Refining his trademark solid techno stomp. And it’s that sound that he premieres here, today.

Last month Prospekt – a new label in Cork, Ireland – released Syrup Plate, a 4 track EP with remixes from Ike Dusk and Joe Farr.

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