Si Begg returns to Mantis Radio, Sunday 11.06

Up on the show this week, the return of Si Begg.

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Last time it was a grindcore & metal special.

Ahead of his new LP – Blueprints – dropping June 16th on Shitkapult we welcome back the UK legend that is Si Begg.

He was one of our early guests (our 5th broadcast) and was long overdue a return. His session celebrates raw electronics and its evolution from the 1950s to present day. You can expect to hear material from Oram, Derbyshire, Stockhausen, Ferose, Kraftwerk, Schulze, Glass, Soccio, Moroder, Hawkwind, Numan, OMD, Gristle, Drexciya, UR, Cabs plus loads more. It’s something very special

This is a work of complex, evolving mathematical patterns, circuitry bent out of shape. It is a hymn to the voltage-controlled oscillator.

The new album sounds incredible and is a great follow up his last LP – Permission to Explode, released back in 2013. Begg has written scores for four feature films since that LP, as well as several Netflix Original series scores. This composition work alongside his electronic music production has played a big influence in Blueprints.

The concept for the album sprang fully formed when Begg came across the notebook, a beautifully preserved leather-bound volume, annotated in his grandfather’s precise hand. The book was filled with meticulous diagrams of compressors and parallel air ducts, graphs recording comparative noise levels at different factories, statistical information detailing the thermal efficiency of power stations, alongside blueprints for futuristic machines yet to be built.

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