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Mantis Radio 346 – Aasthma

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In the mix hyperpop tech duo Aasthma – Swedish pair Pär Grindvik + Peder Mannerfelt who recently released their debut album: Arrival.

+ Finnish death metal from Hooded Menace. Rinsing drum & bass. Wisdom Teeth’s shimmering dubtech. Tech’d out ambient. Atlanta rap. Widescreen industrial. Old skool early 90s jungle. And yes, Moby.

Hooded Menace – The Torture Never Stops [Season Of Mist]
Ourobonic Plague – Splinters [self-released]
Basic Operations – White (Zardonic edit) [freak Recordings]
Forest Drive West – Greed [Ilian Tape]
Kimyan Law – Uaminifu [Matches Music]
Overlook – Moloko [DROOGS]
thatboytim X Peng Weng feat Denzil AKA – Vultures  (Weng Redux) [Local Music For Local People]
Iglew – Caffeine Dream [Wisdom Teeth]
Thor Rixon – the drain (ft. Hlasko) [Roastin Records]
Walton – Before The Storm [Ilian Tape]
John Tejada – Whip Hand [Palette Recordings]
JID – Lauder Too (feat. Ravyn Lenae) [Dreamville]
ASA 808 – Boy, crush [TOYS Berlin]
Karim Maas – Know Your Enemy [The Stone Tapes]

ML BUCH – O [Anyines]
Aasthma feat. Louisahhh – C´mon Creeper [Aasthma]
SCALPING – Tether feat. DÆMON (Daddy G vs Robot Club remix [Houndstooth]
Flume – Slugger 1.4 [2014 Export.WAV] [Transgressive]
Elaka – I Just Want To Love You [Ninja Tune]
Pearson Sound – Red Sky [Hessle Audio]
Robert Palmer – Johnny and Mary [Island Records]
Sega Bodega – Kepko [Nuxxe]
Hamdi – Skanka [DUPLOC]
Itoa – Oh No ft. Naka mura Minami [Exit Records]
Lamont – Normal ft. Grim Sickers [self released]
Juki P2 – Off We Go [Moveltraxx]
Exploited Body – Syrtis [Changeless]
Maelstrom & Louisahhh – Burn [RAAR]
Kassem Mosse – Untitled A3 (Workshop 32) [Workshop]
Turnstile – Mystery (NPR Session)
Facta + K-LONE – Kiss Me, Can´t Sleep [Wisdom Teeth]
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Nah [Nostro Hood System]
Babyfather, Tirzah – 1471 [World Music]
eeexxxttteeennndddeeedddppplllaaayyy- 5 (all this hell so there must be [OPEN HAND REAL FLAMES]
Flash and the Pan – Walking In the Rain [Mercury]

Moby – Porcelain (Bambounou remix) [Deutsche Grammophon (DG)]
Sully – M141 [Keysound]
DJ Crystl – Meditation [Dee Jay Recordings]

Featured Guests

Fresh off the back of releasing Arrival their debut album as Aasthma, Pär Grindvik and Peder Mannerfelt turn in a stupendous guest mix for episode 346 of Mantis Radio.


The pair have been producing as Aasthma since 2019. Both have, it’s far to say, well established solo careers. Pär has been releasing club honed techno since the early 2000s. Whilst Peder has been redefining what makes a club banger for over 10 years, as well as being one half of Roll The Dice, with fellow Swede, Malcolm Pardon.

Aasthma is very much more than the sum of its parts and a project I’ve enjoyed immensely since the project’s first single Army of Love.

Born of friendship stretching back over 15 years, the project spark began after working with Fever Ray, reworking their entire catalogue ahead of the Plunge tour in 2018. As if that wasn’t enough, the duo have also co-produced Fever Ray’s new album Radical Romantics that drops next year, March 10th.

Arrival is the pair’s first album together, and no word of lie, is one of the best LPs of the year. Big, bold, fun, sweet, multicoloured and, crucially, very, very good.

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