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Stepping into the session we’ve Soj with a techno and EBM flex. Hear music by Eastern Fear Ritual, Warp Records era Speedy J, Paula Temple, Holotone’s Lifecutter, Kike Pravda, Borealis, Gobsmacked Records, Skam, being, Karsten Pflum, and Scuba, remixing Luke Slater.

Eastern Fear Ritual – Stairway Shadows [Adaptive Sonic]
Speedy J – Pepper [Warp Records]
X-103 – Thera [Axis]
being – Dropped [Firecracker Recordings]
Lifecutter – Tearing Down Walls Anxiety [Holotone Editions]
Exploited Body – Threnody (ft. APEAK) [TAR]
Kike Pravda – Pressure [Senoid]
Borealis – Gammaball (Ultima Atria) [Three Graces]
DJGR – TENSION TOOL [Third Eye Vision]
FLÆN – The Escape Room [Gobsmacked]
Paula Temple – Joshua and Goliath [Noise Manifesto]
Mr. 76ix – Version [Skam]

Vaal – Acid1200 [Pale Blue Dot]
The Exaltics – Exterminate [Solar One Music]
Retrograde Youth – Final Days [Pinkman]
Tzusing – 4 Floors of Whores [L.I.E.S. Records]
Alessandro Adriani – You’ll Simply Never Understand The True Meaning Of Sacrifice [Pinkman]
Ancient Methods feat Beta Evers – Eternal [Linda]
Imperial Black Unit – God, Ceinture & Miséricorde [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Jann – Al Batard [Pinkman]
Exhausted Modern – Lajya, Sukha, Raga [VEYL]
Boy Harsher – Come Closer (Marcel Dettman remix) [Nude Club]
Maenad Veyl – Subtle Violencev [VEYL]
a.metz – Path of the Shaman [Analogue]
Violet Poison – Firenze 1 [Blame Rec]
Jensen Interceptor, Assembler Code – The Repo Man [Unknown To The Unknown]
Facket Strejkar – Arg & Fattig [Varvet]
New Frames – In the Night [R – Label Group]
Soj – Kull, Feck, Due [Soil Records]

Karsten Pflum – Computer Weekend (Crowned And Conquered Mix) [Mindwave Music]
Cluster Lizard – Stellar [Le Cabanon Records]
Luke Slater – Love (Scuba’s Bagleys remix) [Mote-Evolver]

Featured Guest

We don’t know much about this week’s guest Soj, which is fine because their music does the talking. They’ve been on our radar since 2015’s Vorspiel. When news reached us their new album Body Shaper was coming up we felt the urge to reach out and invite them to guest on our show. And they don’t disappoint. Showcasing their DJ sound they drop tracks across the electro-acid-techno-EBM spectrum, dropping a cut from the new album as the session’s closer.

Soj runs Soil Records. A tape and record label based in Spain pushing the likes of Choona, Autumns, Group, Space (GR), Orlok 101, The Horrorist, Hainbach, and others, alongside their own material. Coming up on the label are releases from Samuel Kerridge, Crystal Geometry, and TV.OUT. Soj have new material due on ever reliable imprint Subsist very soon together with remixes and EPs later this year.

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