Mantis Radio presents Partisan / January 9

In session for our 198th show, broadcasting Tuesday January 19th, we welcome the maximal, artisanal, HD grime for the post-internet agePartisan.

Tune in live on FUTUREMUSIC.FM, or catch up from Wednesday (20th) on the podcast, Mixcloud or direct.

2000 GMT London
2100 CET Berlin
1500 EST New York
1200 PST Los Angeles
0400 JST Tokyo (Weds)
– facebook event

Partisan started at the back-end of 2014 as a project wholly inspired by the latest wave of instrumental grime, hardcore kicks and “power ambient” music (think Ben Frost and TCF).

In exploring the spaces between these ideas, I’ve managed to churn out 4 EPs and numerous singles in Year 1. As I begin the new year, again in a germinal state, quite literally revisiting the drawing board for the project, I’m re-calibrating influences, re-adjusting goals and expectations in line with the new ground broke by others in the year prior. My session mix for Mantis Radio will be a showcase of these adjustments: the things I’ve fallen in love with, the things that have added to the discourse of experimental club music, the things that have opened my eyes to new avenues. Investigate, experiment, re-assess goals, and go once more into the deep, dark night of human creativity.

If you missed our last Mantis Radio, Consulate delivered a purely fantastic splintered shard session.


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