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Mantis Radio 278 – DVNT

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DVNT plays new music by Ben Frost and from the forthcoming Fluff & Metalogue album. Hear recent cuts from Djrum, Silicon Scally, Forest Swords, and Ontal. We’ve beat beasts from Dax J, AFX, Limewax and Clark too, and, something from Peter Gabriel.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 278 – DVNT

CONAN – Total Conquest (Live) [Napalm Records]
Kowalski – Der Körper Bin Ich [Virgin]
Fluff & Metalogue – Second Wave
Plaster – 7k_Lok (Atmogat remix) [Crazy Language]
Ben Frost – Eurydice’s Heel [Mute]
Peter Gabriel – The Feeling Begins [Real World Records]
Roman Flügel – Parade [Dial]
Silicon Scally – Rift [CPU Records]
Hugo Massien – Kontrol [XL Recordings]
AFX – minipops 67 (Source Field Mix) [Warp Records]
Clark – Banjo [Warp Records]
Chaos In The CBD – Multiverse [In Dust We Trust]
Rhys Fulber – Creosote [Sonic Groove]
Ontal – Infliction [Ontal Series]
Kareem – Hinrich [Zhark Recordings]
Forest Swords – Panic [Ninja Tune]
Witchman vs Jammin’ – Sub-Urban Pt 1 [Blue Planet Recordings]
Djrum – Sex [R&S Records]
Dax J – Dreamscape [Monnom Black]
Gatto Nero – Woofer [HANDS]
Zimbra Sound – Locked [Yarn Audio]
Wulffluw XCIV & Nahshi – Latente (Syn remix) [Ashida Park]
Sheryl Nome – Pink Monsoon (cuxrixous remix) [Prettybwoy]
Dom & Roland – Steam (The Final Chapter) [Metalheadz]
Manix – Hardcore Junglism (Total Science remix) [Reinforced Records]
Limewax – Escape [Tech Freak Recordings]

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