Mantis Radio 192 + Matt TDK



In session this week we’ve Darkfloor’s own man in Rotterdam – Matt TdK (MSQ) – with an all artist production mix. Prior to that onslaught hear Ansome’s début for Perc Trax, Ancient Methods, Ipman, Killawatt, Paula Temple and some fantastic witch house direct from Russia in the form of CHVRN.

Replicant – Ultraviolent [Replicant]
Senking – Grolar [Raster Noton]
Ipman – Regicide [Tectonic]
Robert Logan – Phrack [Slowfoot Records]
Vainio & Vigroux – Le crâne tambour [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
Povab – sum30 [Offshoot]
Prequel Tapes – My Side [R’COUP’D]
Killawatt – Excessive Hyperbole (Mønic Version) [Osiris Music]
Ancient Methods – Protection Had to Be Given [Hands]
Prodigy – Roadblox (Paula Temple remix) [R&S Records]
Kata Mercado – Paradise (Nikolai Bezdolya remix) [Club Poison]
Ansome – Garrison [Perc Trax]
David Meiser – Principia Mathematica [unreleased]
CHVRN – control [CHVRN]

Matt TdK – Space 2
Matt TdK – 4.7.14
Matt TdK – Electro #7
Matt TdK – Warped and Weird
Matt TdK – Broken Noise
Matt TdK – Collection of Sounds
Matt TdK – 10.6.14
Matt TdK – Dark Tribal
Matt TdK – Halfstep
Matt TdK – Untitled #6
Matt TdK – Broken Loop
Matt TdK – Industry [Darkfloor Sound]
Matt TdK – 11.7.14
Matt TdK – Another Untitled
Matt TdK – Hard as Nails
Matt TdK – Get On With It
Matt TdK – 4 Track
Matt TdK – 5 Track Shakedown [Green Fetish Records]
Matt TdK – Tunnel Vision [Green Fetish Records]
Matt TdK – What Do You Mean, Take The Roof Off


Matt TdK’s take on techno is often brutal, intense, and narly, with many tracks full of blasting noise and electroid sub-rhythms. He made his debut for Darkfloor Sound back in April this year and in 2016 we’ll be releasing a full EP of his devastatingly tough tech. At least one of the tracks on that EP you can hear in his session mix. We’re not going to tell you which one.

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Mantis Radio returns November 11th, where we’ve a session from Serbia’s Scalameriya.