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Mantis Radio 81 – KidChameleon & Casual Breakin’

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KidChameleon & Casual Breakin are in the mix, live from our studio in Peckham. Laying down a big selection of their breaks + jungle bass, full of exclusives + unreleased dubs.

With music from Sahko Recordings, Black Hoe Recordings, Pan Sonic, 2562, Insta:mental, Surgeon, Lucy, Senking, Wiley, and Herd in Mike’s first hour.

Conclusion – Lock Out [Black Hoe Recordings]
Document 3 – Writhing Serpent (Anodyne Industries remix) [self released]
Croms – Invisible Cities [Exit]
Ø – Ensimmäinen Valo [Sahko Recordings]
Non Dolet – Ethnic Theme [Subwize]
Nffiz – Vow of Paradox [Subwize]
Pan Sonic – Corona [Blast First Petite]
Voidloss – Severe On All Who Sit Among Them [unreleased]
2562 – This is Hardcore [When In Doubt]
Alavux – Ghetto Trash [Twilight 76]
The Hidden Persuader – System Saboteur []
Surgeon – (Intro) (Version II) [Tresor]
Villain – Down In Flames (Inigo Kennedy remix) [Singularity]
Lucy – Lav [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Instra:mental – When I Dip [Nonplus Records]
DOK – Chemical Planet (Dekoy remix) [self released]
Wiley – Ice Pole Remix [Avalanche Music]
Alavux – Work It [Twilight 76]
Sunil Sharpe – Gate Crumble [Labrynth]
Espion – Architektur (Shinra remix) [Militant Science]
Surgeon – Krautrock (Version III) [Tresor]
Villain – Down In Flames (Voidloss remix) [Singularity]
Senking – Death By Drowning [Raster-Noton]
Herd – Tangent 08 [Bump Foot]

Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – Rhthyme Joint (Clubbed Mix) [unreleased]
Dan Le Rain and Des Onions – Bitch 2011 [unreleased]
Disk Error – The Boss Is Back (Kidchameleon remix) [H2R]
Kidchameleon – Gotta Be Vintage [On A Break]
Jordan + Santero – Ahokay (Kidchameleon remix) [unreleased]
Leafy Brizzle – Meny [unreleased]
Manu Twister – 8 Bits (Kidchameleon’s MI7 Remix) [Definition Breaks]
Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – House In The Jungle [unreleased]
Kidchameleon – The Silent Scream [unreleased]
Cathy Dennis – Touch Me (Kidchameleon’s Intimate Friends remix) [unreleased]
Kidchameleon – Empty Your Mind [On A Break]
Tiplow and Dee Es Toe – Busta Inna Jungle [unreleased]
Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – Gunfights [unreleased]
DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Lambtron remix) [unreleased]
Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – Harbour Master (Grand Puffin Selecta Mix) [unreleased]
Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – Dos Pajeros [unreleased]
Kidchameleon – Funkin’ Heavy [unreleased]
Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – Just Say No [unreleased]
Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ – Songs Of Praise [unreleased]
Kidchameleon – Posse [unreleased]
Kidchameleon – Dead Killer [unreleased]
Micheal Buble – Cry Me A River (Kidchameleon + Casual Breakin’ remix) [unreleased]
G. Lukearese – Cantina (Sheep Technique’s Hand Solo remix) [unreleased]


Thundering forward we arrive at our 81st episode and what lies ahead is loud and direct as we present a live showcase from a London duo. Kidchameleon, a producer learning fast and delivering some killer cuts is joined by a long time friend and part time studio partner Casual Breakin’. Together they lay down a live session broadcast from Darkfloor HQ in south London dishing out their 140 jungle heavy bass.

Featured Guests

Finding his way from a farm in Suffolk to London to Nottingham and back to London,  KidChameleon‘s first release as a producer came on Hardcore Lives Records back in 2009. Everything Starts With Letters was his tribute to the old skool hardcore of yesteryear. Followed up with remixes for Definition:Breaks and Held II Ransom. Rather than develop a formula, the Kid likes to try something fresh with each new track, injecting where he can a slice of humour. I’ve been warned he’s not afraid of sheep noises.

Nurturing his style at On A Break after remixing Walking on Water by Enough Weapons,. 2011 is shaping up to be a productive year with three EPs lined up. His forays into jungle have caught the attention of the mighty Mulder.

the future is bright, the future is chameleon shaped

Casual Breakin’ (Jim to his Mum) started DJing (badly) way back when in ’92 alongside John Grief (the man responsible for Definition:Breaks). Grief was responsible for getting Jim getting into the developing jungle.

Breakin’ has played many an illegal rave, with regular appearance at established club nights Spectrum; Nottingham’s Detonate and Ambush. A stalwart on the award winning NSB Radio since the station’s very early days. Giving Chris Screwface some of his early airtime. Debuting breakbeat classics like as Flesh Eater.

When not gigging Breakin’ can be found spending his days in the Peckham Zoo Studio with KidChameleon.

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