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With an audio-hyper trip, our session guest this week on Mantis Radio is Loose Link. In hour one, music from Killawatt, Delusions, Container, Go Hiyama, Perc, Twwth, and Mahr.

Ghosthack – Next Level [Twenty/Twelve Netaudio]
Bombardier – Surface of the Moon [Division:13]
Lorenzo Montano – Conflict Garden [Psychonavigation]
Enya – Aniron (PURPLE remix) [dub]
Ras G – Hyksos Invaders (Sp 303) [Leaving Records]
Delusions – Odyssey [Ballistic]
Shaken Opus – Raga 9 [Natch]
Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero remix) [Soma Records]
Go Hiyama – Inequality [HueHelix]
Killawatt – Disconcerting [Osiris Music]
Container – Slush [Liberation Technologies]
Milanese – Barry Dub (Myler Bootleg) [dub]
Twwth – Sweet Nectar [Signal Life]
Mark Archer – Armageddon (Mark Broom remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Skream – The Blue Crystal [dub]
Killawatt – Rolling Dunes (Ipman remix) [Wheel + Deal Records]
Elemental – Stompa [Urban Graffiti]
Mahr – Seven Pillars of the Dweller [Division:13]
Alexey Volkov – Interwave [Planete Rouge]
Nonima – Waratel [Pripyat Recordings]

Seafar – Totem
Neotropic – Tohan Tales (The Diary Box – Part 1)
Futuresight – 555 Moving Emotions (Mix Extract)
Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There?
Akkya – Mir
The Black Dog – Black Maria
Exium – Raw Visions
Patrex – Mad Bells
The KLF – The Rites Of Mu
Coldcut and Hexstatic – Natural Rhythm
Plug – Scar City
Ulterior Motive and Judda – Holding On To Never
Autechre – recks on
Funki Porcini – Wongky
The Future Sound Of London – Amobea
Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
That Creep – ’93 Porsche
Tor – Glass And Stone
AnalogSweden – The Lost City
Michel Legrand – Theme From Summer Of ’42
Five Minutes Alone – Garden Of Static Decay (Extracts)
Impurfekt – Sail Away
Pop Will Eat Itself – Menofearthereaper
Nmesh – Teixiptla Psychic Surgery
Herd – Tangent 44
Mango Jamz – Intension
Manmachineman – Chess
Future Prophecies – Maiamba
Gescom – Mag
Eric B And Rakim – Microphone Fiend (Instrumental)
Phat Chex – Uncertain Future
Ingen – Downstairs Mixup
Loose Link – Full-On Head-Rush
The Black Dog – Raxmus
Ruby – Flippin’ The Bird (Ceasefire Mix)
Loose Link – Frozen Capital
DJ Shadow And The Groove Raiders – Last Stop
Parasect – Naturspective
Underworld – Pearls Girl
Analog Dreams – Out Of The Sky
[PHYSICS] – Not Even Real
Loose Link – Lost Others Choir
Steve Reich – Proverb

Featured Guest

Hailing from New Zealand and currently based in London, Loose Link (Craig Gillman) is a sample based electronica musician and host of the monthly Terminal Radio transmissions. Each show is built by 8 different artists providing 8 different mixes, forming a two hour audio-hyper trip. Now in their second year of broadcast, the show has had the likes of Neotropic, DVNT, DF Tram, Herd, Rich Ears, Seafar and Futuresight (brother of Brian Dougan from The Future Sound Of London) record sessions.

Currently Gillman is recording World Building, an album due later this year which promises to feature a wide variety of styles. One of the tracks from it – Hyperbird – is a collaborative piece with Off Land and will be expanded into an EP, as a sort of homage to the FSOL’s extended EPs.

Due sometime in early 2014 is his first EP as Analog Dreams – a collaboration with Greek producer Five Minutes Alone – will feature drum n bass and dark soundscapes. Also due later this year is a compilation album Terminal Interface. Covering the first year of the Terminal Radio transmissions, it will feature tracks from guests who have appeared on the show so far.

His session tonight is very much in the audio-hyper trip realm that his show champions. A session Gillman describes as –

A 50 minute romp going all over the place…

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