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Making a welcome return to Mantis Radio, Mad EP is back to dish up his trademark hip-hop infested beat work.

In hour one, music from Sturqen, Ben Frost, Slam, Go Hiyama, Modeselektor, Swarm Intelligence, Noiz, and loads more.

Molez – Allghoi Khorkhoi [unreleased]
Sturqen – Waltz [Kvitnu]
Ben Frost – Unbreakable Silence [Bedroom Community]
Sam Kidel – String Loops part 3 [A Future Without Press]
Hagalaz – Dael II [RUNE]
Slam – Stepback (Mark Henning remix) [Soma Records]
Mr Jones – Zoom 49.0 (Jack Is Out) [The Public Stand]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Club Sandwiches (Dave Clarke + Mr. Jones remix as Unsubscribe remix) [Engineroom]
Rory St John – Mechanical Prayer [Singularity]
Modeselektor – Evil Twin feat. Otto Von Schirach [Monkeytown]
Mad EP – Virgae [unreleased]
Go Hiyama – Thirst for Blood [Audio Assault]
Non5ilent – Lavomatic [Fulfridge]
Videohead – Dark Orchestronica [unreleased]
Rory St John – Noughtsmith [Singularity]
Modeselektor – German Clap [Monkeytown]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches (2011) [Engineroom]
Sclist – Soultax [unreleased]
Swarm Intelligence – Once Bitten [Invisible Agent]
Noiz – All Of Us [unreleased]

Nate Dogg – Backdoor
Munchi – Esta Noche
Blue Daisy – Hunterz
Mr. Wiggles – ???
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Baby I Got Yo Money
Slick Dogg – Let Me See You Pop
Lorn – None An Island
Daft Punk – Rolling + Scratching
Sixtoo – Daggers On All Corners
Beastie Boys – SuperDisco Breakin
Justin Timberlake – Sexy Ladies
Drokkr – Walking On Heads
Missy Elliott – Slide
Mala – Level Nine
Ferryman – Tokyo Noon
Akira Kiteshi – Teraohm 2010 Reglitch
Threnody – Slo Motion
Masterclass – The Dodgy Apprentice
Nuphlo – Control Room
Basement Freaks – Something Freaky
Helicopter Jackson – Booty Song
D.I.M. – Is You
AS1 – Reflective Reflection
Chicken Lips – He Not In
J.Rod + Pat Nice featuring Joe Good – Peter Pan (Landshark remix)
DMX Krew – Radiation Suit

Featured Guest

Back in February 2010 Mad EP stepped up to the plate and unleashed a monstrous multi BPM and diverse genre mix exclusively for the show. This week he’s back with a fresh selection of ill sounds. If you’re unfamiliar with Matthew Peters (Mad EP): Peters – Iowa native (formerly based in New York, Chicago + Montreal) is a recent UK transplant with a vast background in electronic and classical music. His talents bear on Mad EP productions in such a way that the end results are diverse and unclassifiable, calmly defying expectations as he skims through every imaginable genre to reach the outer limits of a territory that is indisputably his own.

Making his own music over the past 10 years, variously described as electronic, alternative hip-hop, breakbeat, avant jazz, classical, sample-mania, and consistently unpredictable. His performances have been experienced in clubs, squats, restaurants, art galleries, concert halls, roof tops, radio studios, theatres, and festivals all over North America and Europe. He’s part of Sub.FM with a monthly show called “Tasty Cyanide Radio” – which goes beyond dubstep & garage, featuring all bass-centric music. In under a year, his playlists have been hailed as uniquely creative and innovative, and have a cult following to match.

Peters is a consummate collaborative musician. His releases are full of guest appearances by artists with a deep respect his unparalleled musicality: Shadow Huntaz, Puppetmastaz, Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer), Math Head, Si Begg, Aaron Spectre, Mochipet, End, DJ Grandtheft, jazz trumpeter David Young, percussionist Bryce Beverlin II, and more. Venetian Snares + Leafcutter John both requested him to appear as a cellist on their albums and Peters is often in demand as a remixer, delivering unexpected, yet mind-blowing results.

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