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Mantis Radio 336 – Fort Evil Fruit

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Ireland’s Fort Evil Fruit provide a showcase of their label’s recent releases and forthcoming material in today’s session. Hear new music from Babe Roots, JK Flesh and Echologist, Pole, Mortiz von Oswald Trio, /A\, Slikback, Deafheaven, Azu Hoyvoy, Delay Grounds, Kilbourne, Love Love Records, and Inigo Kennedy.

JK Flesh vs Echologist – Fleshology 0202 B [Avalanche Recordings]
Shiken Hanzo – Ujimasa [Hojo Clan]
Babe Roots – It A Come feat. Wayne & Galas [System Music]
Pole – Rost [Mute]
Mortiz von Oswald Trio – Chapter 7 [Modern Recordings]
/A\ – We Travel The Light [Hummus Records]
Innode – I/O [Editions Mego]
Slikback – AGENT [Slikback]
Deafheaven – Neptune Raining Diamonds [Sargant House]
Azu Hoyvoy – Silent April (Drum ??? Bass remix) [Milkman]
Delay Grounds – Itch [Lapsus]
Georg Bigalke – Untitled Mors (Stanley Hottek remix) [Drec]
The Mover – Disguisor [Tresor]
Kilbourne – Gore Tex [Evar Records]

Autumns – Brought Test [Fort Evil Fruit]
Drojji – Chores of a Forest [Fort Evil Fruit]
Nwyvre – Run the Spot [Fort Evil Fruit]
Brontis – Shotormorgh [Fort Evil Fruit]
The Cube of Unknowing – Kylemore [Fort Evil Fruit]
Yama Yuki / Darisbo / Crise Vitória – Tiger Poem [Fort Evil Fruit]
Úgjü Sectas – Rent Food (excerpt) [Fort Evil Fruit]
Jason Kahn & Ilia Belorukov – Zürich live (excerpt) [Fort Evil Fruit]
Serries / Verhoeven / Webster – Aesthetics I [Fort Evil Fruit]
The Bohman Brothers – In Their 70s pt 2 (excerpt) [Fort Evil Fruit]
Susan Geaney / David Lacey – Tempf (excerpt) [Fort Evil Fruit]
LDSN – The Tombs of Atuan [Fort Evil Fruit]
Jeff T Byrd – Panasonic [Fort Evil Fruit]
Anders Brørby – See No Evil Hear All Evil [Fort Evil Fruit]
Tereshkova – Watching Unsolved Mysteries Alone at Night [Fort Evil Fruit]

Klotang – Tritium [Love Love Records]
Savas Pascalidis – Interpositive [Non Series]
Inigo Kennedy – Dusty Yarns [Asymmetric]
Sturqen – Dina [Third Type Tapes]

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Fort Evil Fruit are a cassette label based in Ireland who release an eclectic array of music. Their mix is made up entirely of material drawn from albums released and to be released this year.

Time Fades Away. Hell Awaits. I made friends with a lot of people in the danger zone.

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