Mantis Radio 024 + The Inventors of Aircraft + Tiburce Palmier



On Mantis Radio this week not one, but two, guest sessions. The Inventors of Aircraft (TIOA), and Tiburce Palmier. Ambient lush sound vs bass rich neuro drum’n’bass electronica.

Monolake – Cern-LHC [dub]
Daisuke Miyatani – Genkide-ne [Creation Centre]
Monikapich – Wave After Wave [Rithmus Netlabel]
Monikapich – Tantot Bonheur [Rithmus Netlabel]
Esse – The Beach (Few Nolder remix) [Knobs]
Kuba Sojika – Rain [Kuka Sojika]
Rafael Gomez – Berlin (Live Edit) [vekton music]
Dropout – DNA [Antiritmo]

The Inventors of Aircraft – The Room – part 1
The Inventors of Aircraft – Winter Hills
The Inventors of Aircraft – All, Nothing
The Inventors of Aircraft – Signs
The Inventors of Aircraft – The Black Dog
The Inventors of Aircraft – Thirty-nine
The Inventors of Aircraft – The Room – part 2
The Inventors of Aircraft – The IOA

The Sight Below – With Her Kiss (I’d Pass The Sky) [Ghostly International]
Troy Pierce – 25 Bitches (Gaiser’s Too Many Bitches Makeover) [Minus]
Plastikman – Panicattack (Second Attack remix) [Minus]
Dropout – Bukkake [Antiritmo]
unknown – unknown [unknown]
Gyu – Mettle [Urban Scrumping]
sclist – Irodoid [dub]

Tiburce Palmier – Brouillard, Brouillard et Brouillard
Astou Et Chima – Mensonge de Fuite de Gaz (Tiburce Palmier remix)
Tiburce Palmier – Tetine Love (with Mikkam)
Tiburce Palmier – Woodbox
Tiburce Palmier – Sortie de Route
Tiburce Palmier – Yoyo Hiphip
Tiburce Palmier – La Mort du Glouglou
Tiburce Palmier – Dans Ton Mur (Beginning)
Tiburce Palmier – Premiers Jours Dehors
Tiburce Palmier – Dans Ton Mur (End)

Maartez – Stribble (remix) [Fant00m]


Coming out of London we have the latest signing to the awesome net label Serein Records roster: The Inventors of Aircraft (TIOA). Having recently released their first LP; Unknown Language, on Serein they really caught my attention. So much so I invited them to give us a production showcase of their sound. It’s going to be deep, textured and soothingly lush sound. Droney, organic and late at night really quite hypnotic.


In contrast to that we have France’s Tiburce Palmier. I closed a Mantis Radio a few shows back with one of his tracks and was blown away. So it follows, he’s on the show giving us our second production showcase for Mantis this week. Citing influences such as SPOR, Godflesh, Front 242, Boards of Canada and Scorn you know we’re in for a real treat.

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