Mantis Radio 019 + Ion Driver

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We track down California’s Ion Driver to provide this weeks Mantis Radio showcase. Deep broken vibes permeate from within.

The Phat RiderZ – Heaven Massacre [unreleased]
Konnitent – Anurik 2 [Phantom Channel]
Rec_Overflow – Enter [Crazy Language]
Odan – Discopotamus [ARP Records]
Trepasser – Nuform [unreleased]
The Selph – RFID Chips (Sonotheque Remix) []
The Selph – RFID Chips []
Wavestream – Previous [Biomechanics]
Fabrics – All Rights Reserved [Xynthetic Netlabel]
Luka Baumann – Radanje [Emergence Records]
Solar Chrome – Network City [Maschinen Musik]
Fujin – Blockraid (Grizzla Remix) [Bombtraxx]
Mo Crack – All Night Long (T.R.O. Remix) [unreleased]
The Phat RiderZ – Organic Neurosis [unreleased]
Afghan Headspin – MSG (Eskmo remix) [Mechanoise]
Tiago S – Why Is This Here (Dessben remix) [Antiritmo]
Kuniaki Takenaga – Cadesh Ziva [Antiritmo]
DJ Slugo – I Ain’t Yo Baby Daddy (Debasser remix) [WIDE]
Gyu – Meteor Shower 07 [unreleased]
Paul Blackford – The Groove (Vadz remix) [WIDE]
Limewax – One Of Them (Kanji Kinetic’s Vegeburger Bootleg) [unreleased]
DJ Slugo – If Ya [WIDE]
The Selph – Segregation Wall []

The Clash – Armagideon Time [Epic]
Barry Lynn – Abort, Retry, Fail [Planet Mu]
Ion Driver – bbRobot (214 remix) [Digital Distortions]
Rob Dowell – I Could Be Wrong (TOWMF remix) [Lobotomy]
Minilogue – Ahck (Jichael Mackson remix) [WIR]
Ion Driver – 3 Bowed Guitars [unreleased]
Ion Driver – Klipping [unreleased]
Ion Driver – Signal [unreleased]
Ion Driver – bbRobot [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – Less Begin [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – Magma [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – Connection [unreleased]
Charlton – Irronisch (Ion Driver 26Fe Iron remix) [Digital Distortions]
Charlton – Irronisch (Ion Driver 29Cu Copper remix) [Digital Distortions]
Ion Driver – Sio [Digital Distortions]

Fabrics – Iokaste [Xynthetic Netlabel]
Dan F – White Wall [DISUYE]
AFX – Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix) [Rephlex]
Principles of Geometry – Golem [Tigersushi]


We track down Ion Driver for a belter of a showcase. He provides an excellently programmed mix with shimmering, deep, electronica, electro, IDM and tech.

‘While I was growing up I spent a lot of time at a neighbor’s house,’ Bunton recalls. ‘His grandparents would constantly be listening to big band while his mother would be listening to 80’s music; Oingo Boingo was one band that got played constantly, and Men Without Hats. Later when I started skateboarding I was exposed to a whole new world of music through skate videos; bands like Firehose, Chuck Treece, Dead Kennedys, Descendants, and Bad Religion.’

With a pile of remixes that have recently hit all the usual places (including the excellent remix of Irronisch by Charlton out now on Digital Distortions) as well a 4 tracker EP and another soon to drop Ion Driver really should be taking up some of that record box of yours.

In the first hour you had DVNT on the selections and we dished up a right package. Including the huge Phat RiderZ’s Heaven Massacre, new Odan, a new Eskmo remix, some rinsing techno, some deep tech house from the Selph and Wavestream, jacking ghettotech from DJ Slugo and Paul Blackford. You also heard a track from Dan F’s latest LP. Rendition and some AFX 190bpm glitchcore.

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