Mad-Tek – The Dark Age Remixed / Digital Distortions

The latest release on Digital Distortions is something rather special. Since their showcase mix on the 7th Mantis Radio show back in late 2007, Joby and Guy of Mad-Tek have been carving out a niche for themselves as nobody quite makes tracks like they do.

This is what I had to say about their latest effort, a remix package with 7 different versions to whet your appetite.

Mad-Tek have always been a fixture in my sets and listening habits ever since I first heard their False Flag EP back in 2007, with it having been released the previous year. Yea I was slack getting to these guys.

Up on offer for this release we’ve got the “original” original track by the guys supported with 6, yes 6, stormingly phat remixes. I really am spoilt for choice as everyone of these is just off the hook. Suffice to say these are going to be in the record box for a long time.

Joby‘s original remix is a stepping roller with a mean growl and that distinctive approach to beat programming that I love about Mad-Tek.

First remix comes courtesy of the mighty Serbian: Molez. With a heavy bass ebbing from the beats and that growl taken up to 11 this is one heavy as fook roller. Glitches fly all over in the deeper realms of the track whilst a spacey kick overlays and powers forward this behemoth. Shit hot.

Teutonic Kaboom‘s remix kicks in with an ethereal drone surrounding the beats as it heads into electro stepping territory. The Manchester based producer/DJ has delivered a remix with bags of depth which will cause havoc at 4am on the darkfloor. Massive opener appeal this one.

Ion Driver leads the track into melodic led IDM electro/breaks territory and then pulls an almighty drop out of nowhere, from which point it thunders along. Ion Driver continues to impress me with his stunning production ability and this track is no less than that. One hell of a producer.

Mazzula goes to town on the steppa, turning this into one beasty roller. Loving those cymbals. Midway thru and we’ve got a juicy breakdown going on and then she kicks back in a hardened breakstep jobby that will slay.

Rory St John turns in an electrofused darkfloor approved broken techno track, which could be described as haunting with that twisted melody Rory brings in. Sick.

Full Spektrum closes this 7 track release with a hardcore infused breaks heavy effort. Stutters permeate through this raw monster.

A truly superb package this. Rammed full of my favourite producers, I really have no idea which to track to drop on my audience. Get this, get this NOW!



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