Nicolas Bourbaki’s Recalculated EP on Furioso

The latest release from the Berlin based Furioso camp is some heavy, dark, and booming stuff. Nicolas Bourbaki’s earlier release, Algebra, has been remixed and rebuild. So one year on from the release of Bourbaki’s début EP what has Furioso unleased?

Nicolas Bourbaki – Recalculated EP

First up is the always reliable and junglistic bass specialist Blackmass Plastics. His remix of Algebra is full of stepping beats, bags of solid bass and rolls like a motherf*cker. That bass. Wow. Does funny things to your insides. Exercise caution at high volume won’t you?

If that wasn’t enough, Full Spektrum has given up a remix of Topology. It’s another solid, balls to the wall stepped beast. Dark and foreboding with an industrial edge before building into into the Full Spektrum style raveness.


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