the Darkfloor Daily – 05.11.2013

First and foremost the new Darkfloor Sound EP has arrived – from Spain we are very proud to present David Meiser and his first solo EP – Those Who Still Remain.

We can’t get enough of Stave around here. Here’s a (free) remix EP of arguably the big track from his phenomenal album Reform released earlier this year – Tower 9. That whole album was huge, let’s be honest. This remix EP includes the rather large Israel Vines techno breaks version too. Feel like I’m giving away a trade secret.

Scott Robinson turns in a mix for Bazzmacho and their Friday Session. Rammed to the rafter’s with Scott’s tracks including tracks from the forthcoming Fun In The Murky EP featuring Paul Birken, tsr and Robinson himself which is up as Kickstarter campaign.

Long running UK industrialists Cold Spring will release 3 previously unheard Psychic TV albums this month on November 23rd –

1984 HACIENDA (w/John Gosling/COIL), THEE FABULOUS FEAST OV FLOWERING LIGHT (w/ DAVE BALL (SOFT CELL) ROSE McDOWALL (STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE, COIL, CURRENT 93, ETC), Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and MARQUEE….never before heard desk recordings, never before seen photos….spread the word….WISE UP – RISE UP….

Japan’s techno lord Go Hiyama has a new mix out – One. It comes recommended, naturally, and it’s the perfect time to mention his brilliant session recorded earlier this year for Mantis Radio.

Rory St John, Monolog and Swarm Intelligence were interviewed by Ableton recently – they talk noises, parties and playing live.

As soundtrack to accompany here’s a recent DJ set by both Swarm Intel and Rory at Subland on October 12th.

Keeping things in interview land here are two by Angus Finlayson – the first with Bristol’s clinical technoids Emptyset and the second with Samuel Kerridge (who’s forthcoming album A Fallen Empire should be on your radar)

Seattle’s Mr Electro, 214, has a new mix out – anyone with a passing interest in the proper stuff should have come across Chris Roman’s excellent take on all things electro – if not, firstly, shame on you. Secondly, fill your boots.

That’s your lot for today – I had a bunch more bits but I’ll drop those on Thursday, after Uschi‘s weekly tomorrow.


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