preview Realmz forthcoming ‘Articulated Oblivion’ EP

Due out next week is the first release for Internal Realmz the label of Robert D’Atri better known as in the techno sphere as Realmz.

The previews (below) sound fantastic and add to the quite tidy discography the Pittsburgh producer has notched up over the past few years – most notably on Adam X’s Sonic Groove imprint. Recent cut Static Tactics on Systemic’s Duality Records comp Reconcile came out today.

Stand out track for me is the closing Timeless Halls – broken techno (token electro really) with melody yet still with that industrial clank that is characterstic of D’Atri’s sound. Though Roaming The Mental Plane packs quite the punch.

This release is one to watch out for.

Available July 29th from Juno. I don’t know if this will be also coming out on digital formats – my gut tells me no.

For more on D’Atri and Realmz check out Subsekt’s interview from last November.


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