Placid – The Techno Monster

The Bristol based DJ and owner of the site can always be depended upon for sublime deep and often acid heavy electronics. Plenty of his mixes have made their way to Darkfloor and this is another strong one to add to your collection, thou it’s something a bit different from the man with reportedly the world’s biggest Acid House vinyl collection.

In Placid‘s own words:

Essentially records which I have but have not yet managed to put into a mix as they are either too fast or too bonkers or a combination of both.

Naturally, my idea of bonkers and yours may vary, but I can only go by my own bonkers induced reality and upload the result. Looking back, there’s only a couple I’d class as full on monsters, but the not so full-on are blooming fast… oddly enough i still ended up playing them at about -4, the thought of hearing them on 0 or + anything baffles me..

anyway enough warbling..

Placid – The Techno Monster
Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak [Basic Channel]
Aphex Twin – Aboriginal Mix [White]
DJ ESP – Fresh Air [Generator]
Sterac – promo
Dark Comedy – Clavia’s North [Art of Dance]
Sympletic – Noname (Remix) [Ifach]
Planetary Assault Systems – Forms [Peacefrog]
The Memory Foundation [m-Plant]
Anthony Shakir – The Random Hustle [Dust Science]
Mystic Rythem – Track Relaxer [Peacefrog]
Woody Mcbride – Rattlesnake [Magnetic North]
Jamie Read – Vibe Nations [Ugly]
Blake Baxter – Vision of Truth [UR]
The Source – Untitled [R&S]
Basic Channel – Octaedre [Basic Channel] plank promo 003 I think
Monolake – Cyan [Chain Reaction]
Indio – Blue Fantasy [Transmat]
Jeff Mills – Untitled [Axis]
Like a Tim – Avanger [Djax-up-beats]
Nico – Withdrawl [ESP]
Perfect Sync – Down the Deep
Paresys – Untitled [Re-Load]
Mike Henk – Untitled [Pulsar]


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