Kickstart Mark Archer’s Armageddon Remixes on double 12 for Balkan Vinyl

News reaches the Darkfloor hive of a Kickstarter campaign from London’s Balkan Vinyl that revisits one of the founding tracks of rave culture from legends of the scene Altern-8.

The label are re-releasing the classic Armageddon and not only have they drafted in 9 remixes from some fine producers – they’re offering a range of packages from digital downloads through the green and red vinyl twelves to the beast – the Rave Armageddon Survival Pack (strictly limited to 101 copies) that comes

presented in a special, hand numbered package, containing: Rave SOS Flare, atmospheric filtration unit, eye, hand & face dancefloor protection gear. – – – Mark Archer mix CD (not available anywhere else) – “Rave Skull” t-shirt. – Both red and green vinyl records. – Sticker pack. – Digital download of all 9 remixes.

The label are planning for a November release.

On remix duties: Radioactive Man, DJ Marky, Ceephax Acid Crew, Mark Broom, Nightwave, The Hacker, Rennie Foster, KiNK, and Neil Landstrumm. Very tidy sounding don’t you agree.

20 years ago, the future of music looked hopeful.

Rave was taking over – invading the charts and rocking soundsystems in fields and warehouses across the globe.

Clubbers still remembered Acid House from the first time round. You could buy a Roland TB-303 for less than the cost of a family car. There was no such thing as EDM. Keith Flint hadn’t started any fires. Record shops still lined the high streets. The amen break was still new and exciting. ‘Hoover’ meant more than just a vacuum cleaner brand. Jungle was about to be massive. Ibiza wasn’t full of lager louts on package holidays. Daft Punk hadn’t even discovered lounge disco yet…

…and a man named Mark Archer from a duo called Altern-8 was bringing the noise.

Then the unthinkable happened.

The infection began…

Shows with names like X-Factor and Pop Idol started beaming their evil music virus into households through the television screens, infecting entire households, communities, and cities. Vocoders began being used in new, horrible, awful ways. Richie Hawtin got a stupid haircut. Nations of music zombies arose, and the rave Armageddon approached…

More details including how to pledge available on their Kickstarter page.

Wondering what this sounded like back in the day? Well here’s Altern-8 performing Armageddon back in the good old days of rave.


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