Watch Altern 8’s first Live PA in 23 years

On Saturday night something very special happened in East London
– UK rave legends Altern 8 returned and did their first live PA since ’92.

Jerome Hill warmed up proceedings with a stellar hardcore session, complete with his tight mixing and well placed scratching. That man has one hell of a record collection.

As soon as Altern 8 began they tore the roof off, helped by the crowd who were probably the most on it and happiest I have ever witnessed in a club. At points our shouting of Altern 8’s lyrics matched and seemed to exceed the pumping PA. Words can’t really explain the joy in that room. The addition of the original B-Boys added a great element to an already pleasure packed night. Luke Vibert continued the early 90s vibe, took about 20 minutes to properly get going and then his finishing on a personal fave, Valley of the Shadows, sent me into a bit of dance spasm.

Mark Archer

It’s been ages since I have witness a crowd who were so up for it, but also showed their appreciation for every bassline, every stab pattern, every vocal and every breakdown – you lot were magical and I just wanted to say Thank You

Massive shouts to Mark, Josh, Jerome, Luke and all involved at the Bloc venue. And out to Marcin Tornado Kret for the below recordings of Altern 8’s PA and a few minutes of Jerome Hill working his magic.


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