Jacob 2-2 – Cabazon EP

Before you go hit the hype train that is the latest Boards of Canada release you may be interested in the work of Brooklyn’s Jacob 2-2.

A credible alternative to the well known duo from Scotland, Jacob 2-2 brings his state-side influences into action with his self-released EP from 2011: Cabazon.

The Dinosaurs of Cabazon is a prime example of Jacob 2-2 at his best. At first you’re thinking yet another BoC rip off as you slowly drift off into the ambient drenched sunset, and then suddenly your hit by a 30 second moving bus load of synth action. It is very sudden and completely unexpected, but this works in his favour as you navigate your mind around what he is proposing to you.

Brainstorms bounces around elegantly with multiple jagged edged synths pushing and pulling you around a cleverly crafted central riff. The electro is more pronounced in this track, which is another key foundation of the Jacob 2-2 sound.

Communicore, which is probably the most dance floor friendly – [it] flexes its synth muscles in the most robotic and repetitive fashion of the EP. A well-exercised loop, which goes through all manner of changes and variations. This is one of the [EP’s] most well crafted tracks.

Other highlights off the Cabazon EP are the melodic, beatless masterpiece of Down the Hydrolator. As the name suggests, a cascade of dreamy synths that drift off into a parallel universe. The attention to detail to Cuckle Buckle Horses is really something impressive: minutely timed samples guide you through a maze of sounds whilst a slow almost dubstep beat pulls it all together. Finally Episode Never Aired is a nice bit of twisted funk which has a guitar solo in the middle.

Be warned this EP is littered with twists and turns, Jacob 2-2 presents a solid yet extremely creative exercise in the various dynamics that make up his sound.

Jacob 2-2 – Cabazon EP

Jacob 2-2 – The Dinosaurs of Cabazon
Jacob 2-2 – Brainstorms
Jacob 2-2 – Communicore
Jacob 2-2 – Episode Never Aired
Jacob 2-2 – Down the Hydrolator
Jacob 2-2 – Cuckle Buckle Houses


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