Erstlaub – Marconi’s Shipwreck on Broken20

Our man Laica intercepts long lost radio transmissions from Marconi’s Shipwreck via Erstlaub, incoming soon on Broken20.

Somewhere in some far off region of the universe, the very first radio signals to leave earth are still travelling, ever onward, maybe one day to be received on an alien shore late one evening, sparking changes that could change an entire culture in ways that we may never have any understanding or knowledge of, a quiet revolution in the vast emptiness of space.

A teaser of the visual treatment for forthcoming 72 minute long album/DVD release Marconi’s Shipwreck.

Marconi’s Shipwreck could easily be the sound of those damaged and dismantled radio waves, torn apart by the solar winds they have spent so many years traveling with.

Time almost stands still listening to this album, which is a natural successor to the dubbed out reductionist techno of Basic Channel, DeepChord or Porter Ricks and the Devil really is in the details here; recorded in one take as a single long-form track made up of many shorter pieces. The drone is filled with deep deep bass echos hidden within the static and elements of sound that could easily have come from an aging de-tuned radio, perhaps sitting on a dusty desk in the now unused and decaying Marconi building in Chelmsford.

But far from being a reminder of long gone radio days, this album actually come as a full length DVD with slowly changing static filled colors that will beautifully fill a darkened room, its the perfect traveling companion for nights at home alone.

Available from August 27th.


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