Horror Brawl – live at Detatched 10.10.2009

Another appearance for the Horror Brawl last weekend at the Detatched party up in Leeds.

Horror Brawl – Live at Detatched 10.10.2009

Bobby Athom – Metropolice [Digital Distortions]
Fred – Do It From The Back [Missile]
Ed Chamberlain – Sky Face [Digital Distortions]
DiCrYLiuM – Hippy Brithes (bugger Mix) [Digital Distortions]
Hellfish & Producer – Crawl & Die [Planet Mu]
Lionrock – Peace Repackaged [Deconstruction]
Silicon Scally – Proteus (the wee djs remix) [SCSI-AV]
Funky Robots – TB303 [Play It Loud]
Silicon Scally – Request (the wee djs Live Version 2) [unreleased]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Brootle (Simulant remix) [Warp]
Bass Kittens – Robotique [Pretension]
Bass Kittens – Ah yeah Let’s Do It [Pretension]
Full Spectrum – Villain’s Lair [Digital Distortions]
Bass Kittens – Signs and Portents [Pretension]
Bass Kittens – Mono Melo [Pretension]
Synapse – Something To Keep the Flies Off [Digital Distortions]
Uberzone – Moondusted [City of Angels]
Jackal & Hyde – Freaks Come Out At Night [Hallucination]
Bass Kittens & Volum – Storm The CPU [Pretension]
Mayd Hubb – Cursus Chamanick (Scanone remix) [Komod.O Dragon]
Trode – Keep Going [Wide]
John Tejada & Justin Maxwell – Unpleasant Hardisc Surprise [Palette]
Thatboytim – Midnite Creep [unreleased]
Defunkt Dialekt – 1138 remix[unreleased]


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