VA – Terminal Window 3

It’s safe to say most of you who read and follow Darkfloor are fans of The Future Sound of London and some of you might already be familiar with the super quadrant meta-brain mix that is the Terminal Radio broadcast series (I guested on the 4th show early last year).

Prior to the show starting in 2012, the musicians and FSOL fans behind it had released a free 14 track compilation with their interpretations and tribute to the excellent timeless sound of Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans – entitled Terminal Window. Their second comp would follow a year later in March 2012 shortly after the show transmissions began.

Recently, May 11th, their 3rd compilation dropped – Terminal Window 3. Eleven tracks that take the core ambient electronica vibe of FSOL with Five Minutes Alone, Loose Link, Ross Baker, Off Land, Nmesh, Noisesurfer and cubus putting their own stamp on the sounds. It’s clear that special attention has been paid to the compilations play order as it really does flow from one track to the next, much in the same way that the Terminal Radio and FSOL transmissions do and did.

This album follows the incredible success of Terminal Radio as broadcast on Returning to the album format for the third time, the musicians from present another hour of psychedelic electronic sounds, from pure ambient to breaks and modern classical sounds.

Given an initial concept of a psychedelic journey or trip, the artists involved have once again created a series of engaging electronic works, producing what is probably the most varied, yet paradoxically the most coherent, Terminal Window to date.

With mixes from Randomform (Datacrashrobot), encym, Cloud & Owl, Ross Baker, Loose Link, Akkya and rylo3 here’s the latest Terminal Radio – #16.


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